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 September 20

by Carolina

Kate Winslet “paid” to her fellow candidates when she won the Emmy Award for Best Actress in a limited series, anthology series, or movie on Sunday (19.09.21).

The 45-year-old actresses are Michaela Coel (“I may destroy you”), Cynthia Erivo (“Genius: Aretha”), Elizabeth Olsen (“WandaVision”), Anya Taylor-Joy (“Queen’s Gambit”). , And began her speech by praising their work.

She said. I would like to thank my fellow candidates who have to be about women who have backs to each other in the last decade. I support you, I salute you, I am proud of all of you. “

Kate then thanked show creator Brad Inglesby for creating a must-see show featuring a friendly middle-aged woman.

She states: “It was this cultural moment that brought people together and gave them something to talk about other than a pandemic … you made us all honestly justified. “

After praising fellow winners and co-stars Evan Peters, Julianne Nicholson and Jean Smart, the latter won the “Husband” work, but was selected as the finalist in the drama-Kate is her family. Nedrock’n’Roll, who turned his attention to and thanked the children and her husband.

She shouted about her spouse:[And to] Her husband, Ned, has been holding hands for the rest of her life. Yes, I am the winner! “

Kate’s victory came ten years after she won the same award for “Mildred Pierce.”

The next award presented is the lead actor in a limited series or movie, and winner Ewan McGregor wins his work in “Halston”, a difficult act for British actresses to follow. I admitted.

He said, “Kate, it’s pretty hard to chase you.”

The 50-year-old star then turned his attention to the show’s cast and crew.

He states: “As many have said tonight, we shot through the New York City pandemic and kept us all safe through everyone’s professionalism and passion. And we can do it without you. Wouldn’t have been possible.

“Ryan Murphy, thank you for defending Halston and bringing it to Netflix. Thanks to Netflix.”

Ewan competes with Paul Bettany (“WandaVision”), Hugh Grant (“The Undoing of the Fraser”), Lin-Manuel Miranda (“Hamilton”), and Leslie Odom Jr. (“Hamilton”) After overcoming, I brought home my first Emmy Award.

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