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 October 16

by Carolina

Juliette Lewis shares support for the International Alliance of Theatrical Film and Theater Labor Unions (IATSE).

IATSE, a union representing 150,000 people across the entertainment industry, including electricians, camera operators, costume rental companies, make-up artists, special effects, hair stylists, and screenwriters, is now the International Alliance of Theatrical Television Producers (AMPTP). Is in negotiations with. At the strike deadline, 48-year-old Juliet took him to Instagram to show his support for the IATSE.

She writes: “Since I was a teenager, I’ve been conditioned on the TV and movie business not to have a sick holiday. I got the flu I had a migraine and I walked pneumonia with Natural Born Killers for two weeks I worked there, but I thought I might die there because human health it didn’t happen

“Because I’m an actor, it’s a work ethic-like solidity, given the crew who appear hours before the actor, leave hours after the actor, and are asked to perform miracles every day. It’s a completely different story that goes beyond. All you have to do is read some stories. “

Juliet then called on her fellow actors to show their support and solidarity with the union and its members.

She added: There is also SAG protection done in a 12 hour turnaround. … I think about the crew because I’m exhausted and completely overworked even after doing a turnaround.

“I love how hard I try to bring entertainment to people and I love trying to get rid of the impossible for over 30 years, but I myself and the miracles I’ve seen. I wanted to take care of my crew. The protection I had.

“I speak to all actors on behalf of your crew and ask executives and producers to properly support health / care / wages and prevent the need for strikes. The backbone of our industry. Please appear in. [It’s] It’s time to work overtime !!! (sic) “

Juliette Lewis urges actors to show support for the IATSE | Celebrities

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