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 July 17

by Carolina

Jo Wood has decided not to receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

A 66-year-old ex-wife of the Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood is wary of vaccination because of lack of clinical trials and after being caught, the coronavirus is a sick and serious illness. My doctor told me that I have enough antibodies to prevent my illness.

In an interview with The Lady magazine, she said: “I went to the doctor the other day and was told that I was full of antibodies as a result of being infected with the virus. I don’t want it until the antibodies are gone. To get vaccinated. Also, the clinical trial is over. I would like to wait until. “

Joe did not experience any serious symptoms when he had COVID. She believes that the organic diet she follows has allowed her immune system to fight the disease.

“I felt sick for five days, but after that I felt better. I believed in the strength of my immune system so much that I left it to my diet and supplements to recover,” she added.

Joe’s life was affected by the most serious effects of the coronavirus. Her younger brother, 61-year-old Paul Carslake, died after suffering a respiratory illness in March 2020, and she believes his poor diet and lifestyle contributed to his death.

She states: “He wasn’t good at eating. He also liked to drink a lot. His heart worked only at 20% capacity and wasn’t able to overcome the virus. I still can’t believe it. Hmm. He has gone. “

JoWood does not vaccinate with COVID-19 | Celebrities

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