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 January 27

by Carolina

John Abraham says that celebrities are not flag-bearers for every issue | Filmfare.com

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John Abraham says that celebrities are not flag-bearers for every issue

John Abraham has always let his work talk for himself. The actor who always manages to get blockbusters at the box-office, makes sure that on screen he entertains his masses. He makes fewer appearances on the red carpet and is considered a party animal. John Abraham got chatting with a leading daily recently and the actor stated his point that he would like to speak about issues that are close to him and that all celebrities can’t be flag-bearers for every issue. He said, “As a celebrity, you can express yourself, you have got a platform, but you also must be prepared for the vitriol, negativity and toxicity that comes with it. If you are well prepared to take that, you must voice your opinion. On the other hand, there are issues close to my heart. There is no point in me voicing my opinion on every issue in the country.”

John Abraham

The actor knows that voicing opinions on certain issues also brings toxicity and a certain negativity. In the interview with the daily he even adds that he would rather voice his opinions on certain issues, “I rather voice my opinion on certain issues without spreading myself too thin, because I know there are others voicing theirs on other issues. We can’t be flag-bearers for every issue, and the public should not assume that we necessarily need to be that for all issues. As long as we all understand that we are also limited like every other citizen of the country, and not endowed with superpowers, then it’s all fine.”

John Abraham

John Abraham has a busy year ahead. He has Mumbai Saga, Attack and Satyameva Jayate 2 up for release. All three films seem to be super-packed with entertainment and action. John also will be seen in Pathan, Sidharth Anand’s next action directorial which stars Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone.

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