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 July 9

by Carolina

Dillon Passage reveals that he has a new relationship.

Joe Exotic’s divorced husband, who announced earlier this year that he had split from the “Tiger King” star four years after his marriage, revealed that he had found a new boyfriend, John.

Sharing some of those photos, he wrote on Instagram:

“I planned to keep my relationship private for personal reasons, but lately I’m having a hard time dealing with what’s happening in my life, and John is on my rock Yes, and helped me get over it all.

“In short, this is a thank-you post for this special special person. Thank you for being you.”

Dillon, 22, married just nine months before Joe was arrested and was finally imprisoned for 22 years after being convicted of murder and other charges against big cat rescue rival Carole Baskin. it was done.

And in March, he went to Instagram and confirmed that the pair had split. The decision to end their romance explained that Joe’s life and arrest were partly influenced by the unwanted attention Dillon received after becoming the subject of a Netflix documentary.

Dillon wrote in a long statement: “In November 2017, I met Joe who was there for me during a difficult time in my life.

“Only nine months later he was arrested and we have been away for the past two and a half years. I am always on his side and always love and support him.”

He admitted that the decision was not easy.

He continued. “Yes, Joe and I are seeking a divorce to answer the main question the public wants to know. This was not an easy decision, but both Joe and I have this situation in both. We understand that it is not fair.

“That’s what neither of us expected, but we’re going to take it every day. We’re still in good shape and hope it can stay that way.

“I will continue to leave Joe in my life and will do my best to support him while he is experiencing further court battles to improve his situation.

A month later, Joe claimed that the two were trying to make a romance, but a 58-year-old former zoo owner admitted that he could understand if Dillon had left.

He states: “If he needs to move on, I have to respect it. I can’t expect him to stay forever.

“He told me over and over again … if I live from here and accomplish it, I still have a house to come.

“So he said he wouldn’t go anywhere, okay? That’s all I know, so that’s all I can say.”

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