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 August 9

by Carolina

Joe Exotic is “concerned” that his cancer may be widespread.

“Tiger King” star, who attempts to kill animal rights activist Carole Baskin and is currently serving 22 years in prison for multiple wildlife violations, has been treated for his illness since May. Say not and have experienced a lot of pain.

He said: “They are worried that it is in my stomach and pelvis. I haven’t done any treatment since May. I vomit when I pee-pain I’m terrible. I’m always losing weight and my hips and pelvis hurts. I’m peeing. My stomach hurts for over a year. When I know what’s wrong and how bad I decide to treat. Stage 3 I’ll decide whether it’s 4 or 4. I’ll take you. “

Joe claimed that he had been asking for colonoscopy and endoscopy for months because he accused him of life imprisonment, “worse for dogs than a humane society.”

He told The Sun: “I’ve been waiting for colonoscopy and endoscopy since October. Treatment in prison is worse than the humanitarian society of dogs … this is what they put people in here The way to kill you is crazy. It’s ridiculous that what I saw and the dead people I saw were kicked out of here, and our president and our politicians have the truth. It’s time to hear. “

Joe Exotic “Concerned” Cancer May Be Spreading | Celebrities

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