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 October 16

by Carolina

Joao Vicente de Castro is direct in his positions. Just look at the actor and presenter’s Instagram to note that he uses social media as a tool for change as well.

in conversation with UOL, Commented on The role of celebrities on social media While Brazil suffers from “pornographic social inequality”.

I would be embarrassed to post Paris Fashion Week when people are fighting shoulder to shoulder for a piece of bone in Brazil. But I don’t think those guys are responsible for that either, and their work is about that. It’s not simple, it’s very complicated. But I think if you go to Paris Fashion Week, and if your job is about living that life of luxury, I think the least you can give in return is a real look using your communicative power to try something. A way to change something in the country you live in. hung

Joao’s comment refers to the recent fashion event that took place in the French capital. many Brazilian celebrities were present Social media was flooded with posts full of magic.

For him, if reach can be used to show well-being, then it should also target important guidelines. João believes that if he can “make a follower think, it will make a difference.” Therefore, he understands that other celebrities should also pay attention to the current context and show support for some cause.

“I think there is an obligation. These days, the least you can do is take a stand. But if you ask me if I think those people who don’t take a stand are all ‘cowards’ and ‘bastards,’ I will. Say no. It’s impossible for us. To know what’s on anyone’s mind. But it’s very sad that people don’t set themselves up for personal comfort or non-compromise and might earn a handful of a penny more or less.”, the actor.

Sort by “Need”

Asked when Joao Vicente called for a policy alert, he said he began exposing himself more about it when he “made it very necessary and urgent”.

Critic of the president’s government Jair Bolsonaro (There is no party), the actor believes that politics is not a simple matter, but that it should be discussed openly.

Politics plays a crucial role in our lives and this must be understood and demonstrated. People seem to think it’s a minor problem when it’s a major problem. We had a previous administration that had many problems, and it’s an administration that I strongly criticize, but we’ve moved on to one that completely damages all the social developments that we’ve had, on our lives. We have a government that is not only incompetent, but also harmful. So, nowadays, it’s not about wanting to talk or not wanting to talk. It is a matter of no other way out. He said

Despite his familiarity with the subject, he says he prefers not to think about politics, as his position “has more problems than it helps” and does not bring any direct benefit.

Brands × Positioning

Recently, Joao Vicente was furious when he learned that some brands would prevent their partners and contractors from speaking out about politics.

In an Instagram post, he thanked some of the partnerships. In the report, he said, two companies had tried to conclude a contract that he could not show politically. One removed the clause from the agreement, while the other canceled the partnership.

“I am not interested in being associated with any brand of that stature. Just as I am not interested in being associated with any brand that supports the government at the moment. Money is important, but it cannot be a direct focus in our lives,” he said.

2022 elections

As for the upcoming presidential election, which has yet to officially release nominations, Joao Vicente has no doubts that he will vote for “anyone” running for Bolsonaro’s position – including Lula.

I vote for Marcos Millon, Tererica, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samara Filippo and everyone else. But, actually, I’d like a president who knows what he’s doing, someone with a government project. I would like to see a new young leadership who wants to understand the country in a modern way. I don’t necessarily want to see Lola again. I love Lola, I have a lot of criticism and a lot of praise, but I love an amazing third method, but I don’t see anyone with a chance. joking

However, the actor and presenter recognizes that an election year is “always the most sensitive” and that it “will be a turbulent time”.

He concluded by saying, “The important thing is that we stand firm, fight, vote and develop the dialogue with respect and not deviate anymore. Four more years, I don’t know if Brazil can handle that.”

Original posted at www.lodivalleynews.com

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