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 July 17

by Carolina

Jessie Ware gave birth to her third child.

A 36-year-old singer-songwriter and her personal trainer husband, Sam Burrows, who already has two children, has a son.

Jessica shared many photos on Instagram and wrote: , Anna, dear Gori @gentlebirthmethod and of course my @samburrowspt at 5am walked sideways on the hills, slow dancing, hardcore back rubbing, and the constant encouragement and confidence you had with me. Sam) Thank you very much for taking this little guy here. I’m very lucky to have the NHS and the special people who work there xxx. “

Meanwhile, the hit maker of “Say You Love Me” has previously pointed out that being a mother hasn’t changed her process as a musician.

She added: .. Being a mother wasn’t actually included in this record. That’s fine because I’m doing a lot of things other than my mother. “

And she revealed that her broken heart song isn’t really autobiographical because she’s been with Sam for almost 20 years.

She explained: “Romantically, I’ve been with the same guy since I was 18, so there hasn’t been much drama there.

“But I’m a songwriter I experimented with and explored, and I don’t think I didn’t necessarily think that everything had to be completely autobiographical. It freed me in my writing process and otherwise I think I adopted it. “

Jessie Ware Welcomes Third Child | Celebrities

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