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 July 23

by Carolina

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck went together to Riaremini’s birthday party and took pictures.

The actress, who turned 51 last month, shared a star-studded birthday bash montage on Instagram. The video includes her snap with J-Lo and Ben.

The trio looks like they’re in the clip’s photo booth, as the 48-year-old actor has arms around Leah and Jennifer.

The couple have not yet commented on their rekindled romance and have not shared their posts together on social media.

Along with the video, Leah writes: “I got a lot of love from you every day, not just my birthday, so I wanted to share a small video of my birthday with you.

“I think I have the best support system here on social media, and I can’t thank my family and friends for celebrating with me in a very special way for me.

“This year was an interesting year, so this birthday made a lot of sense for many reasons. I love your family, I love my friends who became your family …”

Meanwhile, Ben and J-Lo (51 years old) are said to be “in love like crazy” and are planning the future together.

Insiders were recently engaged between 2002 and 2004, but Hollywood stars canceled a wedding scheduled for 2003 due to “excessive media attention” before splitting just a few months later. He claimed to be “the love of each other’s lives.”

According to one source, Ben, 48, is “very happy” with Jennifer, 51, and “she is great for him.”

An insider close to J-Lo added, “They want to do everything they can to do this job.”

According to one source, the 13-year-old twins Emme and Max of the “Huslers” star are “slowly beginning to know” the actors of the “Justice League” hunting in Los Angeles. Marc Anthony.

Recently, when Ben contacted her, Jennifer was reported to be “really excited” to rekindle the relationship.

One source said, “When Ben contacted J-Lo, she was really excited about the possibility that they would rekindle their relationship. J-Lo has always loved Ben.

“At the time, Ben broke up with J-Lo because he was overwhelmed by the constant media attention and fame that the relationship brought, but now they’re in a great place and really learned what works as a couple. . “

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