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 March 4

by Carolina

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Japan Great Job Market For A Celebrity Photographer

The art of taking pictures is one beautiful way of preserving precious moments and memories for future viewing. Life is full of these moments and it is always a great feeling looking back and reminiscing about the past as represented by the pictures taken. For some, photography is a hobby or a past time while for some others it is a career that can provide a means of generating a steady flow of income. Photography is quite an extensive career choice to make as there are several specializations within the field which include celebrity photography, wedding photography, travel photography, sports photography just to name a few.  

Celebrity photography is arguably the most exciting and lucrative photography niche as it involves taking snapshots of public figures. Photographers working in this niche may also be referred to as paparazzi. The importance of celebrity photographers is often underrated but they play a key role in news reportage all over the world. The importance of this niche is borne from the fact that news and blog sites require these pictures in publishing any report concerning a celebrity; hence the photographers can sell off these photos to interested buyers for a premium. Although this niche can also be quite expensive to enter as it may sometimes require the use of a long telephoto lens so the photographers may stay at a distance and yet capture exclusive images of the celebrities. 

Job Prospects 

Celebrity photographers can work in a variety of settings, especially for media-related organizations. They could opt to work as freelancers or they could seek employment in an organization. For photographers seeking to be employed rather than working independently, media houses and gossip magazines are attractive spots to target. However, the limitation with this kind of employment seems to be that they may not have complete autonomy as regards the use of the pictures they take. However, since photography is a creative venture, the photographers could possibly negotiate a clause with the management of the company a provision to have a measure of autonomy. 

Japan, an emerging market for Freelance Photography

During a short trip to Japan, I realized Japan is a nation with a strong affinity with American entertainment and this may explain the popularity American celebrities enjoy in the country. Japan represents a great working opportunity for a celebrity freelance photographer to project their skills and show off their pictures to the Japanese audience. Japan and American citizens seem to share a joint admiration for public figures and this is why it is a good idea for America-based celebrity photographers to link up with their Japanese counterparts to share ideas and possibly share content with one another. In fact, this is an opportunity through which interested photographers can improve their repertoire of skills and understanding of the industry as well as enhance their portfolio.

One way through which American photographers can source for job prospects in Japan is by linking up with Japanese celebrity and entertainment sites or even photo agencies in Japan to explore ways of collaborating. Wonder celebs is a popular Japanese site focusing on overseas celebrities and getting in contact directly with websites and social media influencers is a great way to get started. Later, when you have a local portfolio with some reputation you can start to charge a bit more for your pictures and then it’s a good idea to link up with an agency. This will help you charge more as well as shorten the time needed to book big clients and make sure you are covered when it comes to all legal aspects.  

Social Media Offers A New Type Of Photographing 

We live in a society obsessed with stardom with celebrities sometimes enjoying near cult-like following from their devoted fans. As long as celebrities exist, celebrity photography is likely to remain profitable for the foreseeable future as it feeds the vanity of human beings. It is imperative to state that achieving success as a celebrity photographer may be a bit more complex than what obtains with the other niches. Skill and tact are needed as the celebs may not always stand in a static position for you to take the best shot yet you are still required to deliver top-notch snapshots. This is why it may be necessary to go for training before breaking into the niche; even after breaking into the field, it is helpful to adopt a mindset that is open to knowledge and teachable. 

A Global Work Field

Opportunities exist behind the geographical confines of a country. American celebrities are globally acknowledged therefore it is necessary for celebrity photographers to explore channels of escalating their skills to a country like Japan where prospective consumers exist for their contents.

Thanks to technology and the social media boom, I’ve managed to build a career as a photographer, something I wouldn’t have been able to do in the US alone. With social media and influencers, the world has become a global village where freelance photographers are no longer bound by territorial limitations in the performance of their roles. My personal success started when I realized my work field may be in another country. Finding a country less competitive but with a large global potential is truly the best tip for anyone working with art, culture, dance, and photography. 

The art of photography has evolved and it is time for practitioners within the field to follow the global trend or risk being left behind.

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