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 August 6

by Carolina

Janet Jackson is “called a loot” with Bill Bellamy.

The “Brothers” star and “Together Again” hitmakers were rumored to date back to the 90’s, but the 56-year-old actor wasn’t really an official item, he just enjoyed flirting with each other. Spend time together.

“I don’t know how big Janet Jackson has been in the last decade, so I’m in awe of something like this, and I believe she’s a fan of me,” he told People. No, but it came out awkwardly. Everyone was saying, “What’s going on with Janet and Bill?” People were doing this while watching TV. It was fascinating, to be honest, there was something. Something was happening. It was strange because she looked shy. [showed in] Her frivolous way she dug me a little more. It was crazy. “

He jokingly added:

Despite being attractive to each other, Bill ended up marrying his wife, Kristen-Janet married three times, divorced twice, and is now separated from her third husband.

The late Michael Jackson’s sister, a 55-year-old singer, has a husband, Wissam Al Mana, who divorced four-year-old Aisa, and recently admitted that becoming a single parent is a daunting task. , She is a nanny to help.

She said, “It’s hard to be a working mother. I don’t have a nanny. I’ll do it myself. There’s no reason I can’t do it if my mother does it with nine children. Of course, someone who works when I’m with him I’m watching, it’s my baby and I. It’s sometimes not easy, but my life has changed. Obviously, my baby comes first. “

Janet Jackson’Called Loot’Bill Bellamy | Celebrities

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