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 October 3

by Carolina

Jana Kramer admits that co-parenting with Mike Caussin is “very difficult”.

The 37-year-old singer broke up with 34-year-old Mike earlier this year, and she admits that co-parenting with a former NFL star was a major challenge.

Yana, with Jolly (5) and Jace (2) with Mike, tells Weekly: It was like, “I didn’t want this. I didn’t ask for it.”

“my child [were] I’m crying for him. And I called and obviously allowed FaceTime, but I also said, “This isn’t too fair.” Then I have to own it and be like “I’m sorry, this is a difficult situation”. “

Jana claimed that their children were, broadly speaking, doing “great” things following their division.

But she also admitted that they were still having a bad day.

She states: “I didn’t want it to be in this situation. It’s important to know that we’re better and to own it when frustration arises.

“It’s difficult, but the kids deserve to be happy with each other, because that’s what they deserve, so I just bite a lot of my lips.”

Yana wants her new single “Voices” to project her current state of mind to her fans.

A country singer who married Mike in 2015 wants to help other people who have similar experiences.

She said: “When I divorced, all the voices I thought were buried came back.

“We all have a negative voice, so [I wanted] Help others and make them look like “Hey, you’re not alone.”

Jana Kramer: Coparenting is very difficult | Celebrities

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