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 September 16

by Carolina

Jamie Lee Curtis warned people to “don’t mess with” Scarlett Johansson.

The 62-year-old actress named “Black Widow” star about her “great” decision to sue Disney for breach of the contract against their decision to release a Marvel movie on Disney Plus at the same time as the release of the Marvel movie in the cinema. I praised it. The 36-year-old beauty of the Times 2021’s 100 most influential problem.

Jamie writes:

“And when she filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the studio, claiming that the decision to publish the movie in the theater and streaming at the same time cost her considerable loss, I did the actual operation. Seeed her stunning reaction to (same emphasis) for a fee.

“As an assassin with a conscience, as an actor with an emotional center, or as a fierce mother who just gave birth to a second child, the message is clear: don’t mess with this mama bear.”

Scarlet filed her proceedings after claiming that her contract was related to how well her salary worked at the box office, and in the movies available at Disney Plus, the cinema. Fewer people are adventuring to see it.

After the proceedings, the media giant accused her of “ruthlessly ignoring” the COVID-19 pandemic. They argued that just publishing a movie on a streaming service would allow people to watch it without risking catching or sending it from home. virus.

Disney said it would make up for the lost income and claimed that Scarlet’s proceedings had “no merit.”

They say: The proceedings are particularly sad and miserable in that they ruthlessly ignore the horrific and long-term global consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“”[Disney] Full compliance with Johansson’s contract, and the release of “BlackWidow” on Disney Plus with Premier Access has significantly improved our ability to earn additional rewards in addition to the $ 20 million we’ve received so far. .. “

Black Widow earned $ 80 million at the weekend’s domestic box office, another $ 78 million abroad, and $ 60 million from home purchases on streaming platforms.

Jamie Lee Curtis Supports Scarlett Johansson | Celebrities

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