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 May 25

by Carolina

Jamie Foxx will shed light on the celebrity car dealerships of “Hustle and Roll.”

The 53-year-old actor worked with RD Whittington to create a new Discovery series. This allows viewers to see behind the scenes of luxury car dealers who have supplied vehicles to Kim Kardashian West and Vanessa Hudgens. ..

Looking forward to the series, Jamie explained: “We are excited to partner with the Discovery, Propagate and Big Breakfast teams on this exciting project.

“My friend RD Whittington is more than a rare luxury car dealer … he’s magical. I can’t wait to see what the crowd will bring to the show.”

RD has worked with many well-known stars in his career, including rappers Ludacris and Travis Scott.

He has also become close friends with famous celebrities and has secured an invitation to Scott Disick’s recent birthday party.

Meanwhile, Jamie has been a huge success as an actor, singer and comedian, but still has the same motivation and enthusiasm for his career.

The award-winning star previously revealed that he had changed management just to give him a “new spark.”

Jamie, who won the Oscar for the portrayal of Ray Charles in the 2004 biopic Ray, explains:

“I changed management a few years ago. It gave me a new life and new opportunities. So I just have a new spark.

“Sometimes you need it, sometimes you need to change satellites and twist it in a different way, so you can rethink what your life will be like. That’s what I’m doing. . I wake up every morning and say, “Hey man, let’s go get it.”

Jamie Foxx Explores Hustle and Roll Celebrity Car Dealers | Celebrities

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