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 February 22

by Carolina

The worlds of basketball and hip-hop are intertwined now more than ever, with several NBA stars releasing their own rap albums and rappers playing basketball and making references to the sport in their music. That was the goal of The Crew League, a celebrity basketball tournament hosted by internet comedian Druski and singer-songwriter 24K Golden.

The tournament is composed of eight rappers forming their own teams and playing against each other in a single-game knockout format. One of the games featured Team Private Garden, led by rapper Jack Harlow, facing off against Team Diemon, led by another rapper in Russ.

At halftime, with his team down by three at 11-8, Druski asked Harlow about what happened to the game. However, the rapper didn’t seem interested and focused on playfully hitting on the comedian.

Jack Harlow back at it again with Druski pic.twitter.com/CfQLoNABNP

— Rap Favorites (@RapFavorites) February 19, 2021

Instead of talking about what they planned to do in the second half, Harlow focused on making the halftime interview as awkward as possible, saying that Druski looked fine and adding that he felt nervous around him. He also said he hoped Druski was in the game so that he could guard him.

Druski, meanwhile, focused his questions on Team Private Garden’s physicality, as the team had been called for several fouls at that point.

The rest of the game was dominated by Team Diemon–with Russ’ team being a more talented and cohesive unit–taking a convincing 22-9 win to advance further into the tournament. Team Private Garden, named after the music collective that Harlow co-founded, continued to play physically that resulted in some heated moments between the teams.

Maybe having one of his friends in Tyler Herro (whom he wrote a song about) or Lou Williams (whom he previously mentioned on social media) on his team would have made a difference for Jack Harlow.

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