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 May 3

by Carolina

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! is one of the most popular reality shows of all time. Taking a group of celebrities into the jungle to compete in different trials, it’s a show that pushes contestants to their limits. Facing fears while ebringing great comedy and arguments, the show always delivers fantastic entertainment.

While everybody heads into the series already having a fanbase from whatever walk of life they come from, being involved in this show can take them to new heights. Those who win are only able to do so due to fan support, and that can lead to them becoming hugely popular, especially on Instagram.

10 Dougie Poynter (697k Followers)

Heading into the series, Dougie Poynter already had a huge following due to his role as the bass player in the band McFly. The band has always been popular, and his appearance in the jungle likely took even more people across to check them out.

He showcased a more vulnerable side to himself on the show, which allowed audiences to relate with him, but he was also a hilarious member of the camp. His Instagram is often filled with funny images, but it is primarily a great behind-the-scenes look at what the band is doing now.

9 Gino D’Acampo (1.2 Million Followers)

Gino D’Acampo is a popular chef who really burst into the limelight thanks to his appearance on this reality show. He was a huge personality and proved to be hilarious, which has led to him getting a lot of television roles since that point, including his own show with Gordon Ramsay.

His Instagram is a hilarious feed to follow. It has so much personality and comedy that his fans are entertained constantly, while he also gets to showcase some of the amazing meals that he is able to put together.

8 Harry Redknapp (1.3 Million Followers)

Over the years there have been a lot of people from the soccer world that have participated in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! but none of them have been as iconic as Harry Redknapp. The legendary soccer manager was one of the oldest campmates in his year, but he threw himself into everything.

His love for his wife was a big reason why he became so popular, and that’s showcased heavily on his Instagram as well, with Harry often posting about her. He shares a lot of old memories about the sport on the platform as well, which has built up a strong audience.

7 Joe Swash (1.7 Million Followers)

Joe Swash was another popular winner of the show, with his reactions to all of the trials being amongst some of the greatest in the history of the show. It’s something that has become memorable with the series, and it helped Joe build a huge career for himself.

His Instagram is a great account, which mainly focuses on his new role as a father, showcasing a totally different side of himself. He also happened to find love with another winner of this show, Stacey Solomon, which is another big part of his feed.

6 Georgia Toffolo (1.8 Million Followers)

A lot of audiences had a different expectation for how Georgia Toffolo was going to be when she headed into the jungle, mainly because of how she was presented on Made In Chelsea. However, she broke any stereotypes people had with her genuine personality shining through, leading to her eventual victory.

Georgia is a regular user of Instagram, pushing out plenty of content to keep her almost two million followers entertained. She works with a lot of brands to promote their content and provides a great mix of photos and videos to keep her feed entertaining.

5 Scarlett Moffatt (2 Million Followers)

Scarlett Moffatt headed into the show as someone who had made her name by sitting at home and watching other people on television, via the show Gogglebox. However, in the jungle, Scarlett became a hit with the nation and really entertained the audience.

Since that point, her Instagram has only continued to grow, where she posts regular content about her life. Scarlett is a frequent social media platform user, constantly connecting with her fans via her stories, which makes her a great account to follow.

4 Giovanna Fletcher (2 Million Followers)

Giovanna Fletcher is the most recent winner of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!, winning the show in a different format, as it took place in a castle in Wales due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the show proved to be a hit with the changes freshening things up, and Giovanna was someone who audiences found very relatable.

She’s a popular writer and a podcaster, with her work focusing on being a mother, which has built her a great audience. Because of that, it’s no surprise that a lot of her content is family orientated, but it’s always entertaining, with a lot of comedy taking place on her feed.

3 Jacqueline Jossa (3.2 Million Followers)

Jacqueline Jossa went into the show fairly unconfident of herself, and it led to people being able to see a true change in her as the show went on, leading to her victory. She already had a solid fanbase due to her role on EastEnders, but that was taken to new heights thanks to this show.

Jossa has grown a brilliant following for herself on Instagram, with her account really pushing a family vibe across. She often shares images of her children and what they’re getting up to, which is something that her fans appreciate seeing.

2 Stacey Solomon (4.4 Million Followers)

Stacey Solomon burst into the celebrity world through a different reality series, The X-Factor, and while she proved to be popular on that show, Stacey’s personality really shone through in the jungle. She was strong in the tasks and proved to be entertaining enough to win over the public.

A big part of her job now is as a social media influencer, which is why she’s built up such a big following. Sharing updates on her life and working with brands is a big part of her career, and Stacey’s Instagram is a creative one, which makes it fun to follow for fans.

1 Vicky Pattinson (4.7 Million Followers)

Out of all of the winners over the 20 different seasons, Vicky Pattinson is the most popular in terms of Instagram followers. She already had a great fan base due to her work on Geordie Shore, but this show helped take her to new heights.

The series allowed the true version of herself to shine through, bringing a lot of comedy to everything she did. That’s something that is evident on Instagram as well. While Vicky shares a lot of modeling photos, she also showcases great body positivity images and some hilarious comedy as well to entertain her followers.

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