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 November 17

by Carolina

I’m A Celebrity bosses are reportedly making some new additions to Gwrych Castle including a dungeon and a second dingy camp.

ITV are said to be creating a new jail called The Clink on the grounds of the estate in North Wales where celebrities will be sent if they misbehave.

According to The Sun, the new sleeping area will be a nod to Snake Rock and Croc Creek and will see camp mates make do with sleeping bags. 

A source said: ‘The Clink will be an unpleasant place to spend much time, as will the sister camp. If you’re one of the initial ten going into the castle, you’d better hope you get the main camp with its relative luxury in comparison.’

The publication reports that one camp will be protected from the elements and have beds while the other will have only limited protection.

Bosses reportedly decided to make changes to the castle after learning they’d be returning for a second year rather than going back to Australia where the show was set before the pandemic.

The source said: ‘There were some accusations last year that the celebs had it too easy, with lots of food and more comfortable living arrangements. This year that seems to be set to change. Producers worked flat out last year to get it ready against all odds in the midst of a pandemic when other shows were falling flat on their faces.

‘This year they’ve got a bit more time so have tried to be even more ambitious with the show. They don’t want to change too much as they were really happy with last year but a few subtle tweaks here and there will keep everyone on their toes.’

Hosts Ant McPartlin and Declan Donelly took to Instagram on Sunday and shared a snap of themselves outside the castle.

The presenters wrapped up in black padded coats as they braved the frosty weather ahead of the show starting on Sunday.

Alongside the post, they wrote: ‘We’re here! Just holding the fort until our celebs arrive’. 

Meanwhile, bosses have reportedly angered locals in Abergele, Wales after closing off footpaths and a local golf course near Gwrych Castle.

Show chiefs are said to be eager to keep out prying eyes when the celebrities move in later this month and have surrounded the castle with steel fences.

According to The Sun, the fences are eight feet tall and run around the entire castle, interfering with trails frequently used by locals.

Earlier this year, residents in the area took issue with the council over whether they had a right to walk around the estate. 

Councillor Delyth MacRae said: ‘Prior to the castle being built, there was an undesignated path from Llanddulas to Abergele and we are talking a long time ago.

‘That was for access to the mines and it was quicker to go down there and go to the market/go shopping.

‘Members of the public are feeling, rightly or wrongly, they are feeling very aggrieved their enjoyment of the land has been taken away due to recent changes of ownership as well as liability and security issues.’

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! starts on Sunday November 21 on ITV at 9pm. 

I’m A Celebrity 2021 Line-up


 AGE: 53

 CLAIM TO FAME: Broadcaster & ex BBC Breakfast Host

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: It’s nice to be able to show the fun side of me rather than the serious news presenter.

PHOBIAS: The idea of small, enclosed spaces with cockroaches and spiders is horrific!

ROLE IN THE CAMP: I will give out hugs and make the food more edible!

MISS MOST: My comfortable bed and lovely bath.

DREAM CAMPER: Angelina Jolie and Daniel Craig – we wouldn’t have a problem getting stars if he were in the Castle.


AGE: 23

 CLAIM TO FAME: Olympic Gold Medallist

 BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: People always see me as very composed and serious on the diving board. This will be a nice opportunity to let people get to know me better.

PHOBIAS: I don’t like rats. 

ROLE IN THE CAMP: I don’t mind helping out with cleaning.

MISS MOST: My bed!

 DREAM CAMPER: Ed Sheeran and Will Smith 


AGE: 29

 CLAIM TO FAME: Radio 1Xtra DJ 

 BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: People know me as a very bubbly person but when I am outside of my comfort zone, I can be shy. 

PHOBIAS: Bugs, heights and I’m claustrophobic.

ROLE IN THE CAMP: I love twerking on a Friday night and I’m going to teach everyone how to do it in the Castle!

MISS MOST: My cat and lip gloss.

DREAM CAMPER: Jim Carrey and Big Narstie.


AGE: 65

 CLAIM TO FAME: TV presenter and journalist 

 BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: Nothing. I don’t worry about what people think.

PHOBIAS: Heights. I’m not sure how I will feel if I have to walk across a plank very high up!

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Cook and interviewer. I love finding out about people’s lives.

MISS MOST: Aside from Judy and my family, not knowing what is happening in the news. I am a news junkie.

DREAM CAMPER:  The late Jimmy Greaves. I would have loved to chat about goal scoring in the Castle with him.



AGE: 78

CLAIM TO FAME: Choreographer

 BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: People don’t really know the real me at home and I’d like to show people the motherly side, the side my family sees.

PHOBIAS: I am hoping I will overcome my fears to take part in the Trials!

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Mum and to organise some fun dance routines! 

MISS MOST: My notepad and pencil –I am known for always having to write down ideas.

DREAM CAMPER: Giovanna Fletcher –she is such a lovely, warm person.


 AGE: 36

 CLAIM TO FAME: Producer

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: People don’t know the real me and I want everyone to get to know me.

PHOBIAS: Confined spaces and heights but I want to give the Trials a go to bring back some stars.

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Castle chef and someone who everyone can confide in.

MISS MOST: My mum. I live with her and it’s going to be hard being away from her.

DREAM CAMPER: Sir Elton John would be amazing.


AGE: 30

CLAIM TO FAME: Paralympic Gold Medallist

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: Great to be able to show people with all disabilities they can try different things in life.

PHOBIAS: Snakes, rats, spiders, heights – everything!

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Chef – so long as there isn’t too much pressure to make the food interesting!

MISS MOST: TikTok, my mum and dog.

DREAM CAMPER: Thierry Henry –I love watching Arsenal play.


AGE: 54

CLAIM TO FAME: Football legend 

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: None because I never hide behind a false image. What you see is what you get.

PHOBIAS: I am going to tell you when I am in the Castle!

ROLE IN THE CAMP: Chef. I enjoy cooking at home and I will be hoping to add some garlic and rosemary to the food.

MISS MOST: My partner and my little girl. It’s going to be tough.


AGE: 32

 CLAIM TO FAME: The Saturdays star 

 BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: People think if you are in a pop group, you lead a glamorous lifestyle and won’t get stuck in, but I’m determined to muck in with all the chores.

PHOBIAS: Spiders, rats and confined spaces scare me.

ROLE IN THE CAMP: The serial hugger.

MISS MOST: Wayne and my boys.

DREAM CAMPER:  Larry Lamb or a father figure type.


AGE: 30 

CLAIM TO FAME: Emmerdale actor 

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: None but I would like to show everyone what I am like in real life rather than my soap character, Aaron Dingle. 

PHOBIAS: I am absolutely dreading the eating Trials! I fear I will gag!

ROLE IN THE CAMP: A shoulder to cry on and a person everyone can come to if they have a problem.

MISS MOST: My fiancée, Steph, and our new baby.

DREAM CAMPER:  Fred Sirieix or any ex football player. I won’t be able to leave them alone asking lots of questions!

Original posted at www.dailymail.co.uk

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