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 November 26

by Carolina

  • 17:14 ET, Nov 26 2021
  • Updated: 17:14 ET, Nov 26 2021

NAUGHTY Boy has revealed to his fellow celebritie that he will QUIT the castle after his final Bushtucker Trial.

The music producer has had a difficult time adjusting to camp life this week – and locked horns with Frankie Bridge in a tense debate over rice pudding.

Tonight, the 36-year-old has told his campmates that he planned to leave Gwrych Castle after admitting he felt his “time was done” on the ITV show.

“I want to make tonight a special night as I will be leaving in the morning,” Naughty told his co-stars Snoochie Shy, Matty Lee and Danny Miller.

“I just think my time here is done,” he continued of his decision to leave the castle. “At some point you have to do what is best for you.”

But he switfly changed his mind after winning an impressive 11 stars in the Bushtucker Trial – providing the camp with a feast.

“I can’t,” he opened up to his co-stars when they questioned whether he would still leave despite acing the challenge.

It comes after Nasty and Loose Women star Frankie, 32, clashed over the cooking in camp on Thursday night – leaving her in tears.

The music mogul then had to take part in a terrifying Bushtucker Trial, where he failed to bring home the bacon for his fellow celebs.

Read our I’m A Celeb live blog below for the latest news and gossip…

  • And that’s a wrap, fans!

    Ant and Dec will be back at 9pm tomorrow night for another installment.

  • Coins well spent

    Fruit pastilles, half a chocolate orange, the Biscoff biscuits and cheese!

    Sounds like a standard Friday night for us. What a FEAST.

  • Delicious snacks incoming!

    There’s plenty to choose from on the menu – but what did they pick?

  • To Richard Madeley!

    The campmates have dedicated their delicious dinner to Richard – how sweet.

  • Harmonious at last

    No arguments over the cooking tonight.

    “It was very harmonious,” said Frankie. “It was like Christmas Day with all the family around. It was fun.”

  • Sounds delicious!

    Monkfish?! That’s better that what we had for dinner!

  • Harder than the trial?

    Fans think that tonight’s Castle Coin challenge was harder than the Bushtucker Trial…

    “How come them challengers are harder than the actual trials?” one viewer pointed out, as a second agreed: “That cutlery challenge was much harder than the trial.”

  • Drama to come?

    We’re surprised nobody has been at each other’s throats after last night’s argument over rice pudding.

    Will there be any fall outs before the end of the episode, we wonder?

  • Cashing in!

    The group have won 20 castle coins to buy treats for camp! Success.

  • Snoochie’s struggling

    She keeps dropping all her cutlery on the floor as part of the castle coins challenge.

    Will she stop the team from getting their beloved coins?

  • Castle coins all to play for

    Danny, Snoochie and Matty have headed out of camp to try and win some treats.

    They’ve got to try and set a table that wobbles all over the place. Seems tricky.

  • Naughty Boy feels at home

    “I was thinking of departing but I’m so glad I didn’t,” he told his campmates, who rallied round him to support him.

  • Naughty Boy changes his mind about leaving

    “I can’t,” he tells Danny. Looks like he’s here to stay (for now!)

  • Camp is overjoyed!

    Naughty Boy is back and announced his trial success!

    “I dedicate these 11 stars to Richard because we miss him,” he said.

  • Ball games

    The camp have come up with a fun game to pass the time.

    They’ve made a volleyball out of old rice packets.

    “Castle volleyball is the new craze here,” diver Matty Lee told viewers. “It’s the only thing we do that fully takes my mind off what we’re actually doing.”

  • The “easiest trial ever”?

    Fans aren’t impressed by the latest Bushtucker Trial, Creepy Closet.

    They’ve taken to Twitter to complain that it was FAR too easy for music producer Naughty Boy.

    “That was a ridiculously easy task, could not have made it any easier,” one wrote, as a second chimed in: “That was the easiest trail I’ve possibly ever seen !?”

    “”hy have they made this insanely easy for him?” a thrid said.

  • Will he still leave?

    Huge success for Naughty Boy! His spirits are running high, at last.

  • He’s only gone and done it!

    We can’t believe it! Naughty Boy’s got the eleven stars!

  • We’ve lost count…

    It seems “woah” is quickly becoming Naughty Boy’s catchphrase…

  • Slow but steady

    So far Naughty’s got all the stars he possibly can! Will he be able to get all eleven up for grabs?

  • That’s NUTS!

    Naughty isn’t familiar with DIY and asks Ant and Dec how to undo a nut and bolt.

    Three stars in the bag, though!

  • Maybe Naughty needs glasses?

    It took him a while to find that first star – right in front of his face!

    Maybe he won’t be getting any stars at all?

  • No vote!

    Ant and Dec have had to film their links in advance due to Storm Arwen!

    So no public vote, and no going into camp tonight… Sad!

  • ‘His journey has ended!’

    Fans think that Naughty Boy WILL leave after his final Bushtucker Trial.

    “Definitely leaving tomorrow. His journey has ended”, one wrote, as a second chimed in: “After this many threats, he will have to leave.”

    “Naughty Boy’s new song, should be called I’m A Celebrity, and I’m leaving,” joked a third.

  • How many stars will Naughty Boy get?

    Your guess may be better than ours? We’re going with a fair eight?

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