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 August 13

by Carolina

Iggy Azalea no longer feels “comfortable” in the public eye.

The 31-year-old rapper recently revealed that he will take a break from music after the release of his new album “End of a Era”. Now that she is the mother of her 15-month-old son, Onyx, she is in the limelight.

She states: “My decision not to make any more music is, in the end, really about the fact that at this point, really 95% aren’t happy that I’m open to the public at that level.

“Maybe it’s because I have a son now and my mother really feels the instinct to protect her and secure a safe place. And I don’t have much opinion about my life to strangers anymore. I don’t want you to ask me. “

Iggy also admitted that he didn’t want to tour anymore because he didn’t want to spend time away from his son with rapper Playboi Carti, and touring with the Pitbull later this month became her “last tycoon.” He said it would be. Hara “.

She added: “Not only that, I don’t want to tour anymore because I have a son. I’m really excited to take part in this big pitbull tour starting on the 19th. It’s my last big hurray.

“I still do squat dates, etc., but from the perspective of an aggressive tour where you are always absent, I don’t want my son to always be that temporary on a tour bus. I admire the people who do it and do it well, but for me it’s not my vision for the future. “

A “fancy” hit maker said a public scrutiny of her life was also the reason why she stopped sharing her son’s photos on social media.

Regarding “Entertainment Tonight,” she said, “I’m posting him on Instagram’s close friend’s story, so anyone who wants to see onyx always sees onyx. That doesn’t necessarily hurt my feelings. I’m an adult, but it’s my job to protect my son as a mother, so when I see such an extreme, I always want to share it, but knowing what it is, I want to share my son It doesn’t protect you. It’s in progress, so you can’t do that. “

Iggy Azalea: I’m not comfortable with the public eye | Celebrities

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