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 October 15

by Carolina

Idris Elba says fame isn’t as “fun” as it looks from the outside.

A “Suicide Squad” star may “look great” to be a superstar, but in fact he can’t “because he needs to set an example” or “get drunk and rant.” Insisted that he would limit his life considerably. “For others.

He states: “It looks great from the outside, but there are many things that aren’t interesting to the public. You can’t afford to go out and get drunk, rant and get kicked out of the tavern and feel sick the next day. Part of your duty is to be an example. “

Idris also talked about the backlash he received when he announced that he tested positive for COVID-19 last year.

A 49-year-old actor was accused of being “rewarded” for “counterfeiting” his symptoms by people who didn’t believe the virus was a threat, and said the star felt “really difficult” to endure. rice field.

He added: in a moment. People who loved me at one moment absolutely hated me at the next.

“It’s like,’You’re a fake. You’re paid.” No one really believed. It was a really difficult time. “

But now, Idris said he was “very grateful” for overcoming the fight against the virus and vowed not to impersonate anyone other than himself.

The “Harder They Fall” star told Esquire magazine: You are looking at a man who very much reflects what happened in the last 18 months. You see a guy who really doesn’t have time to spoof and waste anything other than me. Who am I and what I am “

Idris Elba: Fame isn’t as fun as it looks | Celebrities

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