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 September 7

by Carolina

Howie Mandel is on the verge of depression.

Judge America’s Got Talent has spoken openly for years about the fight against obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and how he is “world-famous addiction.” rice field.

He said: “People jokingly said you were planning this. It’s a nightmare for me, it’s really hard …

“Honestly, while I’m talking, I’m really depressed and suffering from depression. When I see the high wire acting on the AGT, maintaining balance and not falling, that’s me. I feel that it is a way of life.

“I can smile, do great things, have a great life, a great family, great support medically, but I’m not going to lie to you. This is really hard.”

The problem of the 65-year-old star is explored in his new documentary, Howie Mandel: But, Enough About Me. He promised it before the global health crisis, but admitted it was “really difficult” for him. A movie as a result of a pandemic.

He told TMZ Live: IT was very freaky and very hard for me. I committed, and this happened, and we had to continue, I had to show the location, the cameraman in a masked suit, it was really hard bottom. It was fully exhibited as it was open about mental health. “

Howie, who has his wife Terry and three children, admitted that he only sought help for his struggle after the ultimatum from his wife.

He said: “I’ll talk about it in a documentary, it was the ultimatum from my wife who said,” You get help or you leave “that told me to get help. , And I won’t leave, I’m still here I got help. “

Former Deal or No Deal organizers believe that the pandemic has a positive side in that people are willing to tackle their problems and seek help.

He states: “I’ve always said that if there’s something good to get out of, you don’t have to have OCD, ADHD, or all the problems I’m dealing with. You have to be human and this plays an important role. Playing. On the shoulders of the world, people are screaming for help. People who usually don’t ask for help.

“If the glass is half full, I believe that you have stigma or mental health problems, or you are at the forefront of reaching out and seeking coping skills.”

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