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 October 15

by Carolina

Soho Denton

Soho Denton

Eyelash extensions can give much better results than mascara. False extensions look real and they last longer than the mascara treatment.

DENTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Soho Salon is pleased to announce that eyelash extensions are now available in our salon. These are semi-permanent lashes made of synthetic material medically safe for use. Synthetic lashes are glued to natural eyelashes and they can be removed in a hassle-free manner.

“Semi-permanent eyelash extensions are in trend because they give better results than mascara. It is the most convenient and safer way to get beautiful lashes without the need to lump on multiple layers of mascara. Once set, these lashes could last much longer than a mascara that requires daily application”, said the owner of Soho Salon.

Our lash stylists are trained professionals and they know how to glue semi-permanent extensions. They always keep the condition of the natural lashes of the clients in mind while working on their lashes. The clients get satisfaction as the semi-permanent lashes used are as thick and long as their natural lashes can manage.

Mascara is an eye makeup product intended to improve the thickness and length of natural lashes. It is applied to the lashes with a brush and natural lashes need multiple layers of mascara to look thicker, longer, and darker. But wearing eyelash extensions can do this job in a hassle-free and quick manner. Also, extensions are safer in comparison to mascara.

“Not all mascara ingredients are harmful but there are people who have problems with mascara. Also, some people develop an allergy to mascara ingredients because of their overtime use. But there is little to fear with eyelash extensions that pose no such risk. Wearing extensions is a safer option to get beautiful lashes”, maintained the owner of Soho Salon.

Eyelash extensions are glued to the top of natural lashes. Since they are glued to individual lashes, they can be customized. Also, they look real. The users feel as if they have grown new lashes. It is a short treatment for 5-6 weeks and our salon experience is great for our clients. Our experienced lash stylists take care that the false lashes are perfectly glued to the natural lashes.

Eyelash extensions give freedom from the daily maintenance that mascara needs. Also, false extensions can be used just like natural lashes. Users are allowed go to swimming wearing their lashes. They can even cry as much as they need as the false lashes are waterproof. But the same can’t be said with mascara which can spread around the eyes upon coming into contact with moisture.

“The problem with eyelash extensions is they are glued to natural lashes. If the job isn’t done professionally or local products are used, the results could be otherwise like lashes falling. But there is little to fear about false lashes falling when they are glued professionally. It is where people come us for eyelash treatment”, said the Soho Salon owner.

Our objective in starting an eyelash extension service is to provide complete eye makeup and care under one roof. We want to take the hassle of eye makeup out so our clients have peace of mind. They can come to us for treatment and rest assured that the job is done professionally and that the results will be satisfactory.

Celebrities use false extensions to look great all the time. Similarly working women rely on lash extensions to improve their visual appearance without mascara treatment. They find it more convenient and affordable to wear extensions than to keep applying mascara every day morning and in the midday.

“Wearing lash extension is like growing new lashes. The extensions are thicker at the base, and thinner at the tip, and they come with slight curls that make them look natural. Also, they require little maintenance and care. Since they are glued to natural lashes, they can work fine for weeks. Also, the users have the option to remove their extensions whenever needed”, said the Soho Salon owner.

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