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 November 5

by Carolina

Tenlie Mourning, founder of Dendwell, a new marketplace for vintage furniture and home decor, describes both comfort and luxury as critical components of the Cloud’s popularity. “A main characteristic of a cult favorite is that it embodies or reflects a cultural moment, and I think this couch is no different.” Tenlie notes. “In a world where we have all realized the importance of home, this piece fulfills an inner longing for comfort and connection without completely sacrificing style. The design itself is also neutral enough to support a range of interior styles, and RH is a brand that speaks to multiple consumers.”

At the same time, Tenlie says that the couch is a cousin of so many others by a huge range of brands and designers—at both high and low ends of the market. “The Cloud couch takes this very familiar and contemporary form and asks one question: How can we make this phenomenally comfortable? And then it does that incredibly well,” Tenlie says. “I think it is this tension between the totally familiar, singularly novel, and our current cultural moment that makes the Cloud couch so palatable to such a wide range of consumers.”

With its many aspirational qualities, the Cloud draws an audience from all walks of life. Actress Kerry Washington shared her love of the piece, which is featured prominently in her NYC living room. “I’m gonna warn you that if you dare get a Cloud sofa in your home, you should have a backup plan for anything else on your calendar that day because it’s like sleeping or sitting on a cloud. It’s amazing,” Washington told AD.

But the quest for the ultimate sofa (or Olivia Pope’s sofa) will be pricy: Each individual section starts at $4,000. Oftentimes, a fully complete couch can retail at over $10,000. For this reason, many consumers find themselves turning to look-alikes and dupes to achieve the experience of the Cloud without the price tag.

Editor and influencer Aquia Francisco explains that she values RH’s sophistication as a brand, but ultimately could not justify the full price of the Cloud. After spending hours on TikTok and Instagram searching for alternatives, Aquia was shown an ad for Valyou Furniture’s $1,800 version of the iconic white sofa. Though she chose to forgo the original, she is content with her alternative, describing it as “classic, accommodating, and life-proof.” Aquia also cites the versatility as a value-add for the design: “People are able to truly take the couch and style the space around it in so many ways. I believe celebrities gravitate toward it for the same reason—it is a very luxurious buy, but is also as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.”

Ultimately, the Cloud’s simple luxury accounts for its ubiquity among both consumers and interior designers. Despite its popularity among celebrities, the simplicity of the design and attention to detail reminds us that anyone and everyone should have access to comfort. “The Cloud Sofa was really an industry changer, we had never seen anything like it before, and we haven’t created anything like it since,” Timothy says. “We attribute its popularity to what we call disarming comfort—when you sit in the Cloud, your soul is relaxed, and you go to another place.”

For pro skateboarder Nyjah Huston, the Cloud was love at first sit: “I went into the store on Melrose in L.A., sat on it, and I was like, ‘Yeah, I definitely need this one.”.

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