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 September 22

by Carolina

AS veteran broadcaster and political journalist Jeremy Paxman signalled his support for Scottish independence in an interview over the weekend, we thought we’d take a look at some more celebrities who you might not realise support independence.

Paxman, who is well known for hosting the current affairs show Newsnight and more recently the highly intellectual quiz competition University Challenge spoke about why he thinks Scotland should go its own way.

He said: “My view about the Union is that if there is to be a referendum then the English should be allowed a vote as well. We are supposedly a nation of equals, so we should be equally entitled to a vote. 

“And although I am a quarter Scottish I would vote to separate, I think. Because I can’t see what is gained by persistently giving the Jocks an excuse. We’re always going to be friends.”

Not quite what Yessers have in mind for indyref2, but good to know we can count on your vote, Jeremy!

Here are five more celebrities who you might not realise support independence.

The National: Gerard Butler

Maybe not a surprise to those in the know, but it’s not often that an A-list Hollywood actor puts their neck out by supporting a political cause.

However, at the time of the 2014 referendum, Butler was vocal in his support of Scotland becoming an independent nation

As the campaign was in full swing, Butler said: “I can’t see why Scotland shouldn’t be independent – it has different attitudes, people and outlook.”

It’s amazing how difficult a concept this is for some politicians to understand …

Fellow Scottish actor James McAvoy was a little more on the fence with his statement ahead of the vote when he said “I don’t trust politicians at all,” adding: “I’ll go with my country no matter what way they vote, I just hope that my country follows its heart and its gut rather than listening to redundant political debate.”

The National:

The comedian, actor and now spiritualist Russell Brand also came out in support of Scottish independence.

Brand famously told people not to vote in an interview with Jeremy Paxman back in 2013, saying that it was out of “absolute indifference and weariness and exhaustion from the lies, treachery and deceit of the political class that has been going on for generations”.

He tweeted on the day of the Scottish independence vote: “Scotland. Prove that there is a point by voting…”

Brand later U-turned on his no-voting position ahead of the 2015 General Election when backed Labour leader Ed Milliband.

Ahead of the September 2014 vote, Brand took to his YouTube series The Trews to discuss why he thinks countries should get smaller.

He said: “Independence for Scotland. I like things getting smaller and evolved, more power for the people.

“The SNLP or whatever they’re called Scottish independence, don’t trust them, they’ll be no good, they’ll be useless but Scotland getting independent, good idea.

“Break everything up so that there’s nothing except small collectives. Don’t have imaginary concepts that makes people angry. If Scotland and England make people angry then abandon these concepts.”

The National:

English actress and author Celia Imrie has also voiced her support for self-determination in Scotland.

Having grown up and spent most of her life in England, Imrie’s father was actually from Glasgow.

Last January, Imrie shared a video from National columnist Lesley Riddoch of what would have been one of the last All Under One Banner marches in support of Scottish independence that took place on the streets of Glasgow.

In scenes that haven’t been repeated since due to Covid restrictions, people lined the streets of Glasgow city centre waving Saltires and one wee lad can be seen leading the march on a dreich Scottish day in January.

Imrie tweeted in reply to the video: “Bravo, only not there because I’m in France #AUOBGlasgow #indyref2 #AuldAlliance VivaScotland”

Bravo, only not there because I’m in France #AUOBGlasgow #indyref2 #AuldAlliance VivaScotland https://t.co/NoS3dzEAet

— Celia Imrie (@CeliaImrie) January 11, 2020

The National: Public Enemy.

READ MORE: Public Enemy rapper Chuck D backs Scottish independence at Glasgow gig

US rapper Chuck D (above left), part of the group Public Enemy had an expletive-ridden message of support for Scottish independence during a 2019 gig at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow.

He said: “I thought you all was going to be independent by the time I got back.

“What you holding on to fucking mommy for?

Theresa May don’t know what the fuck she’s doing.

“Fuck her goddamn Brexit!” he said, while the crowd cheered

He finished with “let’s all fight the fucking power,” before the rap group went into one of their big hits, Fight the Power.

At another Glasgow concert in 2014, he reportedly stated: “That little brother shit is over. Don’t let them take your money no more, Scotland.”

The Icelandic singer-songwriter is famed for her weird and wonderful take on life and is not averse to taking a stance on pressing global causes.

Considering the musician has a song called Declare Independence, it’s not massively surprising that she would be in favour of Scotland making its own political decisions.

On the eve of the 2014 vote, Bjork posted adapted lyrics to Declare Independence on her Facebook page that made her position quite clear.

We’ll be expecting that same energy from all five of these celebs (and Paxman too) when the next vote comes around, which we’re expecting will be sooner rather than later.

Original posted at www.thenational.scot

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