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 July 2

by Carolina

Helen Hunt says her kiss with Tom Hanks on “Cast Away” was far from romantic due to the artificial rain.

The 58-year-old actress played Kelly Fries. The Kelly Fries was a former girlfriend of 64-year-old Hanks’ alter ego Chuck Noland. He was stuck on a deserted island for several years before escaping and returning to the United States.

In the 2000 drama, the two characters easily reunited and shared a fierce kiss, but Helen admitted that it wasn’t romantic to shoot because both were immersed in Fallingwater.

She starred in the Kelly Clarkson Show, saying: “For rain to appear on the film, it needs to be a drop of water about the size of a coffee cup. For example, it needs to be too much rain.

“So we’ll give you this huge romantic kiss. Cut it. And when you go up the driveway, you’ll hear squish, squish, squish, squish, squish.”

At the show, Helen also discussed some of the other past films and played Dr. Joe Harding’s role in “Twister” until Steven Spielberg personally asked him to appear in a 1996 disaster film. I admitted that I refused first.

She explained: “Maybe the tornado was the protagonist of this movie. What would that part look like?

“Then I was taken to a fancy lunch, where Steven Spielberg said,’Please do it,’ and I said,’OK!’. “

Carol Connelly, who won the Best Actress Award for the 1997 romantic comedy As Good As It Gets, recently admitted that she had stepped back from Hollywood because she didn’t want to live. Consumed by acting.

“It was strange after winning an Emmy and an Oscar at the same time, but I wanted to live a life. I was afraid to live a life in the industry, so I decided to leave some projects.

“When people ask,’What happened,’ I say,’I don’t know if it didn’t stop for a second.’”

Helen Hunt: Rainy Cast Away Kiss Wasn’t Romantic | Celebrities

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