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 July 1

by Carolina

Heidi Klum is excited that her daughter is finally ready to embark on a modeling career.

The 48-year-old star is “happy.” 17-year-old Reni follows in her footsteps as a teenager has spent a long time “persistently” on going to work as a model.

Asked if Reni was ready to start modeling, Heidi told The Late Show with James Corden:

“I am very pleased that we have finally arrived. She is old enough to do this. She is now 17 years old.”

Heidi also explained that he would share the cover of the Vogue Germany issue as a “baton” handing over to her daughter.

She said: “I was like giving her a baton.”

Heidi considered her daughter’s modeling “the wildest thing” and explained that she sometimes sees herself at Reni at work.

The judge for “America’s Got Talent” explains:

“Sometimes I see myself in her because we’re pretty stupid and stupid and she’s on the set. It’s like I’m. It’s like Minimy, but then she’s her I’m doing myself. It’s a lot of fun to see. “”

Heidi is happy with Reni’s career choices, but teenager father Seal recently admitted that he was the least happy because his daughter’s modeling ambitions “rarely” didn’t end in happiness. ..

“It’s an unstable road,” said a “crazy” hit maker, who has been married to Heidi, including Henri (15), Johann (14), and Lou (11).

Seal also explained that he believes his children must face many “challenge” in their lives.

The 58-year-old singer said: “[They] You don’t have to challenge the grand plan of things. … they live in a nice house. They don’t have to worry about the food on the table. They have great educational benefits. “

Heidi Klum Leads Daughter’s Modeling Career | Celebrities

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