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 July 18

by Carolina

Heidi Klum eats “whole garlic cloves once a week”.

The judges of “America’s Got Talent” are obsessed with the strong-tasting plants used in delicious-tasting dishes around the world because of their taste and health benefits. Heidi munches the entire clove every few days.

She confessed, “I’m a big fan of garlic. I usually eat whole cloves once a week.”

Heidi, 48, lifted the craving for garlic and other diets in a new issue of US Weekly, “25 Things I Don’t Know About Me.”

German supermodels have also revealed what she must cook and what her best fast food items are.

She states: “Chicken soup is one of my favorite foods and I make it at home at least once a week.

“I usually don’t eat fast food, but if I do, it’s better to serve it with french fries.”

Heidi, married to Tokio Hotel guitarist Tom Kaulitz, shared some of the secrets of living at home. She also shares with her four children, Reni, Henry, Jona and Lou (whose father is her ex-husband Seal).

Spilling the type of jokes that make her the most laughable, she spilled: “I don’t care about farewell jokes. I really love them.”

And she said, revealing that she found two amazing things in her backyard. “I own a part of the Berlin Wall and keep it in my yard.

“There is also a huge blue snail in the backyard.”

Heidi Klum eats whole garlic cloves every week | Celebrities

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