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 October 15

by Carolina

Heather Locklear argued that it was “not important” for her to get married again.

The actress of “Don’t Sweat the Little Things: Christine Carlson Story”, who was previously married to musicians Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora, was married to her childhood lover Chris Heiser in April 2020. Engaged, but she doesn’t mind tying the knot again They are committed to each other.

She said: “I’m like,’You’re my man for the rest of my life, whether we get married or not.’

“His daughter goes,’When will you get married?’” And I asked, “Can we go through the movie? Can we go through the pandemic? I Can we just go through? [all of that]?? ‘

“”[A wedding] It’s not that important. We are together, love and support each other. And that’s really important. “

The beauty of blondes acknowledged that her many years of history with Chris made their relationship even more special.

She told People magazine: “When I’m with him, I go.’This feels like a house. You feel like a house.’”

“And basically, he’s the most friendly and affectionate person. He only has my back, I have him. He’s really very special to me.”

Last month, both Heather and Chris, with their 24-year-old daughters Ava and Ritchie, celebrated their 60th birthday, but the former Melrose Place star is entering a milestone era as he still feels young. You don’t “complain” about it.

She said: “I always love to get old because I mean alive / I am very grateful. I don’t really complain. My daughter Love me

“”[Chris], His birthday is two days before me, so “Can you believe we are 60?” And I said, “I can’t wait.” I feel young. I am 60 years old. It’s all about perspective. “

Heather Locklear: Remarriage is not “important” | Celebrities

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