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 July 1

by Carolina


A new Google TV feature enlists celebrities to give you suggestions on what to watch on TV, based on their favorites.

Google's new Watch With Me celebrity suggestion series on a TV in the home.

Google TV is the system that runs on newer Chromecast devices, combining content into one place. Now, a new Google TV feature enlists celebrities to give you suggestions on what to watch on TV, based on their favorite shows.

Celebrities Giving You TV Suggestions on Google TV

Google TV is Google’s Chromecast system designed to help you easily browse and discover new content to watch from all streaming services. The latest feature to Google TV enlists celebrities to tell you about their favorite shows, so you can watch them too.

A screenshot showing the Watch With Me series in the new For You tab on Google TV.
Image Credit: Google

As Google says, “good recommendations can come from anywhere”. Friends, family, and reviews all give us suggestions on new content to watch, and now celebrities will with Google TV. Announced in a blog post on The Keyword, Google TV’s new Watch With Me series has begun rolling out to Google TV users.

Google TV is currently rolling out the new Watch With Me series, to help you find new content to watch with suggestions from celebrities. In the series, featured entertainers, artists, and cultural icons will share their favorite TV shows and movies, so that you can watch them too.

To go with the series, Google TV will present a handy feature that allows you to easily add the suggested content to your watchlist, so you can come back to it another time. Each episode in the series also includes a behind-the-scenes interview with the celebrity that shares more information about their picks.

Who’s in the First Watch With Me Episode on Google TV?

Google kicks off the new Watch With Me series with suggestions and an interview from the Emmy-nominated, Laverne Cox. In the episode, viewers will get to see Cox’s top watchlist picks, including some personal favorites such as Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Moonlight.

Included in the episode is an interview to learn more a bit more about what Cox likes to watch. In the interview, Cox explains that “My watchlist is all of who I am and everything that has shaped me or helped me understand myself better”.

The new Watch With Me series, including the interview with Cox, can be found in the For You tab on Google TV, which is rolling out over the next few days.

Google Wants to Beef Up Your Watchlist

With the new Watch With Me series, Google is trying to beef up your watchlist with new suggestions from celebrities. It’s a move not seen before, and is certainly a bit different to the usual “Suggestions” tab on streaming platforms.


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