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 June 9

by Carolina

George Clooney is a “very fun dad” for the twins.

The “Midnight Sky” star includes four-year-old twins Ella and Alexander with his wife Amal Clooney, more than ever at home with Hina in an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. I’m spending time.

And sources now say that the 60-year-old actor is “very positive” about having spent more time at home in the past year and is a “fun dad” for his child.

The insider said, “George and Amal spent every day. They were very positive about the extra time with their children because they always prioritized family time. They are the best parents.

“George is a very fun dad. Children worship him.”

George and Amal recently flew to a villa on Lake Cuomo in Italy to celebrate their twins’ birthdays.

A source added to People magazine: “They didn’t spend time on Lake Como last year. It’s been two years since they returned to Italy. They seem excited to be back. The pandemic is very excited about their return. “

Meanwhile, a “gravity” star who married a human rights lawyer in 2014 recently said he didn’t realize he was missing something in his life until he met his spouse.

He said, “There were some people and their goal was,” I have to have children. ” I wasn’t. I didn’t see life, “My life wouldn’t be fulfilled without children. I felt like I was living a pretty fulfilling life.” Then I met Amal and my life. I realized that was empty, and when I threw these two kids there, I suddenly realized how incredibly empty it was. “

George also admitted that his fatherhood made his life less empty, and explained that having a child gave him “everything” that Hollywood couldn’t get.

He added: “[I have] Attribution, feeling at home, unconditional love – everything you wanted to get from a really good career and dog. You know this is more than that. “

And the actor in “Ocean’s Eleven” has since taught young children to prank their unsuspecting mothers.

He states: “My job is to teach them terrible things, and I really enjoy teaching my children things that shock their mothers.” Amal, in Sudan. It’s so much fun because she’s talking to the judge at trials and trials in Myanmar … she’s talking so seriously that my son comes in with a diaper on his head .. This is a genius blow. “

George Clooney is a twin “fun dad” | Celebrity

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