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 November 16

by Carolina

The “Ghost Gang” eventually managed to loot around 30 million euros of valuables. Because they left no DNA or fingerprints, they were called the “Ghost Gang”. Detectives searched literally thousands of taxis for a forensic lead that could lead to the perpetrators. Finally with success. Sky News thus describes.

Three gang members, including the wealthy daughter Tamara of former F1 boss Bernie Eccelstone and former football player Frank Lampard, are due to go to jail, but that doesn’t mean the victims have recovered their property. Most of the loot, consisting of diamonds, jewelry and money, is still missing. So is a fourth member of the gang, responsible for the biggest series of home burglaries in British history.


Besides Tamara Ecclestone and Paul Lampard, the deceased owner of Leicester City football club, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, was also reportedly robbed. This happened in the weeks leading up to Christmas in 2019. Lampard and his wife Christine had just under 70,000 euros worth of watches and jewelry stolen, the damage to Srivaddhanaprabha’s family is believed to be over one million euros, of which a little less than half in cash. . . .

Two gang members reportedly hit the lamp because they were wearing stolen jewelry. Maria Mester (48) was reportedly surprised with a necklace from Tamara Ecclestone’s collection, her son Emil Bogdan Savastru (30) wore a Srivaddhanaprabha watch.

With each break-in, the gang managed to bypass security systems, stay out of sight of cameras, and even evade human guards. Almost no clue was left as the thieves again disappeared overnight. The burglars took it away. A lot of money has been spent, for example, at Harrods and expensive restaurants. The rest of the booty was taken to the European continent.


Three gang members were pursued by detectives across Europe, eventually found and extradited by Italian authorities. Jugoslav Jovanovic (24), Alessandro Maltese (45) and Alessandro Donati (44) have pleaded guilty. Jovanovic turned 11, Maltais and Donati were a little more merciful, serving eight years and nine months in prison.

They were eventually captured thanks to some old-fashioned police work. The three had left virtually no trace. On a few disposable cell phones and a few screwdrivers, nothing could be found that could lead the police to the perpetrators. The only clue: the men had left one of the houses burgled in a taxi, but the taxi registration number was unknown. Thousands of taxi drivers had to be consulted and it finally gave clues. Thanks to the driver’s information and a few surveillance cameras, a track was created.

A faint trail, police said, as the gang members were cautious, traveling separately, staying in the shade and wearing hats. However, their alleged inviolability did not exist and when they were finally caught, the burglars even expressed their admiration for the perseverance of the detectives. “They were really impressed that we found them. “

What they had done in England, the burglars were also planning elsewhere in Europe. More squats were on the program. There is also said to be a fourth burglar: Serbian Ljubomir Romanov (40). He’s still on the run. He is said to be in Belgrade, but the Serbian authorities are not extraditing him. Romanov uses several names, such as Daniel Vukovic, Alfredo Lindley, and Ljubomir Radosavljevic.

However, even finding out about Romanov will not be the end of the investigation. Because then the millions of loot are still missing.

Original posted at dodofinance.com

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