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 October 16

by Carolina

Gabrielle Union blew up creator “Bring It On” the way they wrote black characters.

The 48-year-old actress played a groundbreaking role in the cult film as a hostile head cheerleader, Isis, but now the writing of black letters is “desperate” compared to white letters. I feel that.

She states: “All the white letters were named, even on one line. I never thought of it. I always saw Isis like Shale and Madonna. And now you Look at the person who wrote it and start. Think a little differently.

Gabriel went on to explain that he decided to play the role of Isis in a way that he felt loyal to himself and her race to avoid stereotypes.

She added: Being a leader, she should be classy. “

But Gabriel also talked about how her character was viewed by movie fans, and that she was at a loss when the meme containing her character became viral.

She told Stylist Magazine, “When I see people make the impression of Isis, she [aggressive and confrontational] .. It’s not what you were actually told, it’s all about what you’ve heard. No matter how black women speak, some people hear violence and intimidation. It’s a demonization of black girls and women.

“When cut last summer, this meme comes out about the movie villain, and there’s Isis. I made her the kindest and most graceful leader, and she wanted the theft, so she’s the villain. was [of her cheerleading routines] To be acknowledged and produce results. And for that, she is a villain. It’s dark. It will take you to such a desperate place. “

Gabrielle Union Bombs Creator of Movie “Bring It On” | Celebrities

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