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 August 8

by Carolina

Frank Ocean has launched a new luxury brand called Homer.

The 33-year-old star founded an independent American luxury company. The company “sells fine and high quality jewelery and printed silk scarves.

According to the press release, these pieces were handcrafted using 18K gold, recycled sterling silver, hand-painted enamel and diamonds grown in an American lab.

Designed by Homer in New York City and handcrafted in Italy, they are inspired by “childhood attachment and fantasy heritage.”

The “Swim Good” singer shared how the project helped keep him “moving” and “changing imagination” after losing his 18-year-old brother Ryan Blow last summer. ..

Frank wrote in the Instagram story: All my work is dedicated to my family. All.

“My hope is to make something that lasts a long time. If it’s hard to destroy, put it in a stone.”

The artist chose the name Homer because it “represents carving history into stone.”

The collection will be presented in the store or in the requested catalog. www.homer.com..

The store opens on August 9th and is located at 70-74 Bowery in New York.

Meanwhile, it has recently been revealed that Frank will be headlined by Coachella in 2023.

The Nova Cane star, which hasn’t been performed live since 2017, was scheduled to appear at the 2020 festival with Rage Against the Machine and Travis Scott, but unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic Because of this, the event has been postponed.

And while the world-famous music festival returns in April 2022, Frank will not play until 2023.

Coachella co-founder Paul Trett said this week:

“I try to be as fair as possible to artists and fans, and ultimately to meet everyone we talk to.”

Frank Ocean Launches Luxury Brand Homer | Celebrities

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