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 January 15

by Carolina

Over the years, WWE has hosted its fair share of celebrities who have stepped foot in the ring. Some had evidently no business wrestling in an actual match, whereas some impressed big time under the pressure and spotlight of an unfamiliar world. The last couple of years have seen some special showcase matches featuring crossover celebrities and sports stars, including Bad Bunny and Pat McAfee, but the Floyd Mayweather vs Big Show match at WrestleMania 24 is still WWE’s best celebrity contest to date.

The Biggest Vs The Best Had A Big Fight Feel

Floyd Mayweather is one of the closest boxers to have reached the heights of the greats in recent memory, with an untouched 50-0 record in the sport. In 2008, he had just come off a huge victory against Ricky Hatton, so he was truly at the height of his game at the time, so seeing him step foot in the professional wrestling world was a big surprise, especially since he hadn’t been associated with WWE before, as some other celebrities had, but it still felt major, especially since he went toe to toe with the ‘World’s Largest Athlete’.

At No Way Out, Big Show returned from a hiatus, targeting an already injured Rey Mysterio until Mayweather jumped the barricade and ring ropes with ease, before legitimately breaking Show’s nose. Their tensions built to WrestleMania, with Mayweather even taking a risky move by being thrown over the top rope and onto a sea of individuals on the outside. The billing of “The Biggest Vs The Best” was some of the most simple yet effective marketing, with this being such a huge clash of superstars which drew mainstream attention.

Floyd Mayweather Big Show WWE No Way Out

In the build-up to the match, Big Show was presented as the heel and Mayweather the face – which is how celebrity matches tend to go in WWE. However, when it came to the match itself, with many of the fans on the side of Show, with him being technically the “hometown” competitor, with this being a WWE ring, WWE very cleverly just allowed Mayweather to be himself – cocky, confident, with such a huge amount of flair, flaunting his wealth. It was the perfect call from WWE, one which benefited Show hugely, which was a strange yet welcome occurrence when it comes to some of his awful Wrestlemania moments.

Their WrestleMania Match Was Perfectly Executed

With huge entrances, the incredible WrestleMania stage, and a hot crowd, it had a big fight feel from the off. It was pure sports entertainment, with Mayweather using all the classic wrestling tropes to gain the upper hand – using his speed and size to avoid contact, utilizing his managers, and cleverly orchestrating his tactics to take the big man down.

Something that made this showdown stand out was the logic behind the match. At first, Show tried to throw hands with Mayweather but was easily outclassed despite the size difference. When that failed, Show used his size and wrestling ring awareness to halt Mayweather in his tracks and attempt to injure the dangerous right hand of the boxer. In the meantime, Mayweather’s team was used as punching bags to allow Show to get in all his signature maneuvers, without putting any risk to Mayweather’s wellbeing. Having said that, Mayweather did take a few moves, and sold them well, especially when his hand was stomped on.

Floyd Mayweather Chair Shot To Big Show

Mayweather truly looked comfortable in the ring, whether it be changing up his style by using kicks and a sleeper hold, or wielding a steel chair like a pro, he thrived under the spotlight and looked like a high-quality performer. The match did well at protecting both men, with Mayweather having to use brass knuckles to land the knockout blow on the giant, but still looking as though he could have attained victory another way. Show surviving several punches to the head, in addition to chair shots and a low blow, and having to be put down by other means, helped him look strong. It was one of Show’s better Mania matches in his whole career, in fact.

Mayweather Vs. Show Was The Most Entertaining Celebrity Match To Date

Other celebrity matches have certainly been more impressive when it comes to purely in-ring action, with the Adam Cole and Pat McAfee match exceeding every expectation with a fantastic wrestling match, although without a full crowd, it is hard to tell if the match had reached greater heights. At WrestleMania 37, Bad Bunny shocked the world with a great showing during a tag team match, in a performance that deserved a load of credit.

Floyd Mayweather Big Show Knockout

However, the structuring of the Show and Mayweather matchup should be applauded, as it was as close to perfect as it could have been with the two men involved, and it utilized the organized chaos of sports entertainment incredibly. It was a blast, the crowd loved it, and it was different from many other highly acclaimed celebrity matches, setting it away from other impressive showings from non-wrestlers. It was a great spectacle and one which has yet to be beaten.

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