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 July 4

by Carolina

Florence Pugh considers her relationship with Zach Braff to be “insect people.”

The “Little Woman” star has been dating a 21-year-old senior actor for some time, and she doesn’t understand their obsession with romance.

She explained how people react to their relationship with the actor: “I think it bothers people that they aren’t the ones they expected, but it’s my life and I’m not doing anything to please people or make them better headlines or stories. I want to be a person too! “

Florence and Zack have received a lot of criticism on social media for their relationship.

She told The Sunday Times, “It’s very strange to go to someone’s page and access that page. That’s not my personality. It’s very strange to go to bullying for bullying. What we’ve been okay with on social media over the last decade is that people want Instagram to be a better place, to see nice things, to be inspired, to be happy. You don’t have to like me, it’s absolutely okay. In that case, don’t follow me. “

Florence was previously fed up with the idea that she was “aged enough to grow up”, but when she said she wasn’t old enough to decide what was best for her love life. , Speaking against criticism of her romance.

She states: “I always find it interesting. People are old enough to see my work, support my work, pay tickets, and I’m enough to grow up and pay taxes Age, but not. It’s old enough to know who to have sex with and who shouldn’t. Once again, it makes young women feel like s *** for no reason .. I think I felt s ** t for a while about admitting it.

“So how ridiculous did you think it was? I’m 24 and I can’t choose who I like. People just want to say who you go out with and where you have lunch. I For me, I’ve always been part of this life, and even when I grew up watching an actress, I’ve always found it strange how people speak about your personal life. “

Florence Pugh: My Romance with Zach Braff “Bug People” | Celebrities

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