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 October 23

by Carolina

Not everyone has to appreciate classic looks when it comes to cars, but some celebrities take customization a bit too far. All of the following vehicles are worth hundreds of thousands, but we’re not sure anyone would want to drive them.Kim Kardashian’s Fluffy Lamborghini Urus

People are used to seeing certain showbiz divas turn some fierce cars into girly caricatures, but the billionaire reality star went further than most: the Lamborghini she unveiled on social media in June 2021 was not only completely white but also…fluffy. The Urus was almost unrecognizable beneath the furry fabric that covered almost every inch of it, including the interior.

We bet most fans of the powerful Lamborghini Urus would never dream of calling it “the cutest thing ever,” but that’s what happened when Kim and Skims (a fashion brand) put their spin on it to promote their collaboration. Granted, it does look cozy. So cozy that it will never leave the driveway because that giant teddy bear on wheels was not meant to be driven. Imagine seeing that thing fly at 190 mph (306 kph).

Ridiculous or not, “Kimmy’s Lamb-Bo” is not surprising for someone who is not only known as a fashion icon, but is also the owner of an otherwise impressive fleet of luxury vehicles that are just right.Jeffree Star’s All-Pink Rolls-Royce Cullinan

Paris Hilton’s girly cars don’t hold a candle to this custom Black Badge Cullinan that’s pink inside and out. Jeffree Star, who could write the textbook on how to go from sharing make-up tutorials on YouTube to launching your own successful brand, went all out with this particular model from his favorite brand (he owns several Rolls Royce vehicles).

Star showed off this painfully pink Cullinan earlier this year, saying that “he pushed the limits of what was capable,” and boasting about the fluffy wool mats and all-leather interior. In case you were wondering, that is a custom “Star Pink” color. Too much of it, we might add. But Star is not one to be known for moderation. Despite being the owner of a pretty stunning car collection, he still considers this pink Rolls-Royce “one of the best projects” he’s ever created.Chris Brown’s Glowing Lamborghini Huracan

We wanted to forget about this particular Huracan that’s already two years old, but Chris Brown just won’t let us. His fans on social media got another glimpse of the famous Lamborghini with a glow-in-the-dark wrap, earlier this year, with the caption “I ain’t had no teacher for this…somethings u gotta learn on ya own.”

The R&B star is known for his wild car collection, but this color-changing Huracan seems too much, even for him. Although it flaunted a unique wrap that combined the chrome look with a glowing, color-changing effect, this Lamborghini Huracan wasn’t convincing. Not to mention that is was most likely too flashy (literally) to be driven around at night – and that’s the whole point. Only keep it as a disco ball on wheels, then?Paris Hilton’s Holographic BMW i8 Roadster

Who likes to read cheesy motivational captions posted by famous billionaires whose photos actually scream, “Look at me and how fabulous I am?” Paris Hilton has been trying to pose more as a role model, although she hasn’t lost her wild side completely. At least, she’s staying true to her brand, showing off one expensive pink car after another.

Although the infamous Bentley Continental GT with rhinestones is still unmatched, this BMW i8 Roadster with an impossible holographic wrap is another great example of what the Paris style looks like. In fact, the heiress even said “If I were a car, this would be me.” The i8 Roadster looked great before Paris turned into…her. But it does match perfectly someone who still carries a Chihuahua in an expensive bag.Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Paint-Splattered Lamborghini Aventador

Daniel Hernandez took the music industry by storm, as 6ix9ine, the outrageous rapper with a distinctive, colorful style that became an instant brand. His car collection is just as famous as his troubles with the law, but two of his cars stood out the most. One was a rainbow Ferrari, and the other was this tie dye, paint-splattered Lamborghini Aventador that reinterprets the rainbow theme in a different manner.

Starring in at least one of his music videos, this crazy-looking Aventador does seem to be part of the décor and not an actual car. Yet, it is. And it will be remembered for years to come, as the car that the controversial rapper was driving when he sent a message that apparently was for the public but seemed to aim at his “oops” – “You looking for me? You know where to find me.”

Original posted at www.autoevolution.com

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