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 January 14

by Carolina

2 hours ago

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There are many reasons that the media gives to get down on celebrities, and this is even evident when individuals happen to meet some of them. But barring those incidents, there are times when actors can actually take on the role of life-savers such as those that they depict in the movies. Given the fact that they are human, a lot of actors don’t tend to look down on their fellow human beings as much as people might think, but valuing their privacy and helping out their fellow citizens do fall into two very different categories. While Keanu Reeves is definitely a big star, and it’s evident that he’s also a pretty cool guy given his track record to date, he’s also down to earth and has shown that he’s the kind of guy that’s not as influenced by money and the trappings of a movie star. While it’s hard to find out whether he’s saved any lives at this point it does stand to reason that he’s inspired quite a few people in his time and his own story has managed to change the way that people feel about celebrities at times.

Here are a few celebrities that have literally saved a person’s life.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio saved a man that had fallen off a cruise ship.

There are plenty of skeptics that might think that someone like Leo might have kept on going and not bothered to let a half-drowned individual share the same space as him, but instead of doing that he made an effort and saved a man’s life after the poor guy had been treading water for a while. One has to wonder just why the guy fell from a cruise ship in the first place, but DiCaprio did him a solid by pulling him out of the drink, and one can only hope that the guy was grateful and perhaps thought twice about leaning over the railing if he ever went on another cruise later on.

4. Danny Trejo saved a baby from an overturned car.

Despite being the tough guy in a lot of movies and looking like someone that you probably wouldn’t want to mess with, Danny Trejo has made it clear that he’s actually a pretty nice guy. He’s also the kind of guy that will risk his own life to save another person if the moment calls for it, as a youngster out there owes Trejo a big thank you for allowing them to grow up. Despite his slightly craggy appearance and the tough-guy image, he’s been seen as the kind of guy that’s actually quite kind to others off-camera and is more apt to smile than his movies might indicate given how much frowning he does.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch saved a cyclist from muggers.

There are probably quite a few people that would pull their cameras out these days than attempt to stop a mugging since people don’t want to get hurt, they want to have video evidence for the cops, and so on and so forth. But Benedict actually stepped in to help a delivery cyclist when the individual was being mugged by about four people, so one can’t really question the actor’s bravery, though one might think that it wasn’t entirely smart. Still, he’s here to tell the tale and there’s probably at least one person out there that’s bound to be grateful for a long time for the actions that Benedict took.

2. Steve Buscemi volunteered as a firefighter after 9/11.

Anyone that wants to claim this was a PR stunt really needs to have been there and slipped on a pair of boots and helped out since the aftermath of 9/11 was no joke, and anyone going in knew there was a good chance that they might not be coming out of the mess that became of the twin towers. The fact that Buscemi made it in and then back out and continued to push his career afterward is a testament to his physical, mental, and emotional toughness as a human being, and his ability to care about others in such a big way. He was a part of the efforts to help so many that were wounded during this time, so it definitely counts.

1. Gerard Butler saved a boy from drowning.

If asked, Butler might state that he didn’t think of himself as a hero since he saw someone in trouble and decided to do something about it. A lot of people will cite that anyone who has kids doesn’t want to see another kid harmed, but the fact is that some people will still do nothing. The fun thing about this however is that Butler didn’t just save the kid’s life, but a couple of decades later he spoke at the man’s wedding and reminded him of that day and was proud to say that he helped in some small way to make the day possible.

Celebrities do care, we just don’t always get to hear about it.

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