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 November 27

by Carolina

Fans have been reacting to how successful producer Naughty Boy was in tonight’s (26 November) I’m A Celebrity trial.

Naughty Boy, real name Shahid Khan, was the first celebrity to earn all the stars in “Creepy Closet”, a task which saw him search for stars in closets full of insects and reptiles.

After a slow start, he earned all eleven stars in the task. “Eleven is my lucky number,” he said when he was back in camp later. He also dedicated his success to departing contestant, Richard Madeley.

Fans have been reacting to the moment on social media. “Look how well he’s doing!” one fan tweeted, while another added: “Well done Naughty Boy.”

You can see some of the reaction here:

Earlier in the show, Naughty Boy was still contemplating leaving the show.

The producer, real name Shahid Khan, has been wanting to leave for several days and clips today again showed him telling other contestants that he was unhappy and wanted to go home.

“I wouldn’t be leaving if I knew I hadn’t challenged myself,” he told other contestants on the show.

“It will be sad for me to go…[but] I just can’t go against my spirit,” he said, admitting that he missed people at home.

“I just want to see my mum,” he admitted.

Some of his fellow contestants were growing weary, however, with several saying his behaviour “was bringing the rest of the camp down.”

Others, like Arlene Phillips, were more supportive and tried to cheer him up by starting a band. Gathering pots and pans, the group made some make-shift musical instruments.

After he won all eleven stars, he admitted he’d changed his mind and decided to stay in the show.

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