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 July 28

by Carolina

It’s a big world, but no more so than when you have the money to make your travels worth remembering.

Vacations are a time to indulge in life’s finest moments, and all of life’s finest things. Being able to disconnect from the daily grind and the hectic schedules we all seem to keep is key, and people are happy to spend a few extra dollars to ensure their total ease and comfort during their time away from home. This is especially true for celebrities, who have unlimited funds and are able to indulge in ways that most could only ever dream of. The rich and famous are notorious for spending exuberant amounts of money to ensure they are surrounded by opulence and are spending their time away truly living in the lap of luxury. Famous faces grace some of the worlds most desired hot spots and spend as much money as it takes to ensure they are treated to the best possible experience. Here are some of the most lavish, expensive celebrity vacations that will leave you breathless…

6 Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez In France

Jennifer Lopez may claim that her ‘love don’t cost a thing’ but her vacation style sure does. Her daily life is lived in sheer opulence, so it comes as no surprise that her vacations are even more greatly elevated. She may not be with Alex Rodriguez anymore, but when they first started dating, they spared no expense on vacations together. They traveled to France during the early stages of their relationship and of course, took a private jet to get there. They departed from Los Angels and went to Nice, France, then flew to Paris from there. The jet itself set them back a whopping $180,000 and that’s before meals, accommodations, and all their exciting adventures. They stayed at the ultra swanky Le Maurice Hotel, toured the Tuileries Garden while sampling some of the city’s finest ice cream, and it was rumored that their very short stint at the hotel cost them $5,000 alone.

5 Kylie Jenner In Turks And Caicos

Kylie Jenner stormed the cosmetics scene and quickly launched herself into the top spot as the youngest self made billionaire at the tender age of just 21 years old. It comes as no surprise that a young girl with this much money is sure to spend it living her very best life and enjoying her vacation time to the absolute fullest. She decided to take her friends Sofia Richie and Stassie Karanikolaou along with her to celebrate the success of her cosmetics launch and spared no expense on her getaway. In fact, EOnline reports that she spent a whopping $16,000 a day just in accommodations alone. She was treated to an entirely branded experience, with even the straws and stir sticks baring her company’s branding during her lavish stay.

4 Kanye West & Kim Kardashian In The Bahamas

Kanye West is one of the biggest names in both music and fashion, and when his massive net worth of $1.8 billion is combined with that of his wife at the time, Kim Kardashian, they can definitely afford to vacation in style. When Kanye West celebrated his 40th birthday, he and Kim rented a massive mansion on a private island in Bakers Bay, Bahamas. There’s no way that an ordinary citizen can even enter this island, as it is by invite or referral only, meaning this power couple could relax  knowing they were away from prying eyes and paparazzi. They appeared to have a fablous time riding jet skis, and enjoying the many perks of their stay, ultimately spending $443,000 on a week’s worth of top notch indulgence.

3 Beyonce & Jay Z In Bali

When Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z want to vacation, they spare no expense ensuring their every wish and wonderous dream is accessible to them with ease. In anticipation of the arrival of their twins, Sir Carter and Rumi, the couple decided to embark on a babymoon, and opted to head straight to Bali to experience all the luxuries that were offered in that region. They shelled out $6,480 for a 5 night stay in a private overwater villa, and when the cost of their private jet, fancy accommodations, and personally cooked meals were calculated, their lavish vacation ended up costing them well over $230,000.

2 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie In Thailand

They may not be together anymore, but when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were an item, they took a ridiculously expensive vacation to Thailand with their family. Trips To Discover indicates that they stayed at the Amanpuri Beach Resort in Phuket, which just on its own ended up costing them a jaw dropping $18,000 per night. That included very fancy, oversized rooms overlooking the water, and a secluded area that offered them the privacy they were seeking. They went jet skiing, and kayaking, and made sure to engage a private yacht which set them back $ 10,800. By the time their week in the sun was done, these two A-listers spent a whopping $126k in 7 days.

1 John Legend & Chrissy Teigen In Bali

Bali seemed to be a popular choice among celebrities, and was one of the hot spots that Chrissy Teigen and her famous husband John Legend decided to discover with their then-two year old daughter, Luna. They flew in a private jet which oozed glitz and glamor and on its own wound up costing them $50,000. Upon their arrival in Bali, the couple and their little bundle of joy checked in to Hotel Como Shambhala Estate, and enjoyed the lavish perks and offerings that this property had to offer. Personal assistants were available to cater to their every need, and they excitably indulged in the world-class spa experience that the venue had to offer. $75,000 later, the two left Bali behind with a bunch of lifelong memories in tow.

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Sources: Trips To Discover, YouTube, EOnline

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