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 October 24

by Carolina

The images appeared as part of a campaign encouraging people to be creative and themselves in response to a survey suggesting one in five Brits have been told they are not good enough.

Images of three celebrities and style icons were beamed onto landmark Manchester buildings as part of an uplifting empowerment campaign.

The Pop Art-style pictures of Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus and Munroe Bergdorf could be seen at Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground and on the side of Manchester One on Friday evening (21 October).

The artworks were designed by street artist Pegasus and were part of a campaign encouraging people to be themselves after a study suggested as many as 20% of British people have been told they are not good enough.

Here’s why the images were shown in the city and what those behind the campaign said about it.

When, where and why were the artworks projected onto buildings in Manchester?

The projections of pop stars Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus and transgender model Munroe Bergdorf could be seen on iconic buildings Old Trafford and Manchester One on Friday night. The images were presented along with the message: ‘Let Your Creativity Rule’.

It was all part of Stay Headstrong, a campaign launched by hair care brand Bed Head. The firm decided to act in response to new research which showed that one in fiveBrits admitted they’ve been told they are not good enough, with 30% being made to feel inadequate at some point in their lives with regards to how they look.

Of those surveyed, more than half also said they rely on their hair to give them confidence, with two fifths claiming their hair-do is the most important part of their appearance.

Artwork by Pegasus displayed on the Manchester One building

Bed Head said it wanted to encourage people to be unapologetically themselves and fearless when it comes to self-expression and experimentation, and Harry Styles and Miley Cyrus were selected for the campaign as they along with fashion designer Vivienne Westwood were highlighted in the research as people associated with being bold and fearless, having integrity and standing up for what they believe in.

The images were designed by urban street artist Pegasus, who was a friend of singer Amy Winehouse and whose distinctive style of artwork can be seen across London. In addition, Bed Head is this year supporting and donating money to Stonewall, a leading LGBTQ+ charity in the UK.

What has been said about the images?

Pegasus said: “This campaign struck a chord with me as you need to be headstrong as an artist. It’s important to have integrity and honour your true self – by being bold with your personal style or expressing your creativity in other mediums – and not to fear what anyone else says.”

An image for the Stay Headstrong campaign on the Manchester One building

Katie Westerby, senior marketing manager at Bed Head, said: “At Bed Head, our purpose has always been to champion creativity by equipping artists with elevated professional hair care products and encouraging all consumers to push the boundaries of what they can do. Being headstrong is not only something we embody as a brand, but a belief we want to instil in everyone who buys our products. We hope that this campaign will spark conversation and motivate new and existing Bed Head devotees, and we can’t wait to see it.”

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