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 May 6

by Carolina

In August of 2001, the founders of The Link News felt a void in this densely populated area of Eastern Monmouth County. Something was missing that was needed to truly cover the news and give advertisers an avenue to attract customers. Within 30 days, The Link News became a reality! After one edition, everyone was talking about ‘The Link’ !

Today, The Link News reaches thousands of readers each week. A paid for Newspaper with sales through subscriptions, convenience stores, and vending machines insures Link advertisers that the paper is being purchased and read, and not just thrown in the recycling pile.

Local events and sports coverage, an aggressive approach to digging for news, incentive-based subscription drives and innovative advertising methods are just some of the reasons for The Link’s success. One thing is certain, Link readers can’t wait for the next edition!

Original posted at thelinknews.net

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