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 April 17

by Carolina

WWE WrestleMania 37 Bad Bunny John Morrison

WrestleMania – The Showcase of the Immortals – is easily one of the most significant events in entertainment. Although wrestling might still feel like a niche fandom to many, it’s undeniable that it has a great place in popular culture.

This is something that WWE prides itself on and often seeks to expand by introducing mainstream elements to the promotion. More often than not, this translates as hiring a litany of celebrity guests, and WrestleMania 37 was no exception.

There have been some awesome celebrity performances at WrestleMania and some not so impressive ones. However, this year’s standard was solid, with six distinct performers – almost all of which were musicians – putting on some great showings and even stepping into the ring.

It’s pretty easy to sort the best from the worst with this lot, as the production value, level of importance and general performances all gave something completely different, with some being far more memorable than others. Fans may groan anytime a celebrity comes along and fits poorly into the sport, but sometimes WWE hits the nail on the head.

6. Wale

WWE WrestleMania 37 Bad Bunny John Morrison

Wale has proven himself to be a truly reliable asset to WWE. The Grammy-nominated rapper is a massive fan of the company and seems to always jump at the opportunity to perform for them. Thanks to this, it was easy to get excited upon learning that he’d be performing during Big E’s WrestleMania entrance. Sadly, his performance paled in comparison to his time as MC for the New Day/Usos rap battle.

It started okay, with Wale strutting around and owning the large stage, but something soon felt off, as his voice sounded a little too good. There was an obvious disconnect, and it started to raise some suspicious eyebrows. While lip-synching can be a valuable tool for long tours or difficult vocals, surely a one-off performance was safe from such a practice.

Well, not so much, as once Big E stepped onto the stage, the suspicions of lip-synching were confirmed. Wale lost his place in the song and began missing cues all over the shop. He worked hard to move past this, but it was too late, as his mistiming with the track became too hard to ignore.

He’ll undoubtedly redeem himself, but this is certainly not the WrestleMania moment he wanted.

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