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 October 24

by Carolina

With their latest commercial, Activision are encouraging gamers to Squad Up ahead of the release of Modern Warfare 2. Here’s every celebrity who appears in the star-filled commercial.

The Call of Duty franchise is known for over-the-top live-action commercials featuring celebrities and stars from around the world. It’s difficult to forget Black Ops‘ There’s a Soldier in All of Us, or Modern Warfare 3‘s The Vet & The n00b commercials.

With Modern Warfare 2 set for an October 28 release, Activision prepared the Squad Up commercial that features A-listers from various industries. Instead of focusing on Modern Warfare 2 gameplay, the trailer is meant to build the hype by encouraging you to squad up with your friends.

The commercial bounces from one celebrity crew to another as they join in on a rendition of the insistently recognizable left-right-left marching rendition in military cadence. The Modern Warfare 2 Squad Up commercial kicks off with rapper Lil Baby and cycles through one celebrity after another throughout its 90-second runtime.

Who is in the Modern Warfare 2 commercial?

While the Squad Up commercial features celebrities from several industries, Call of Duty fans will also notice some major names whose roots are tied to the franchise, like Gotaga and the FaZe associated Nuke Squad.

Here are the celebrities you can spot in the Modern Warfare 2 Squad Up commercial:

  • Lil Baby
  • Kane Brown
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Lando Norris
  • Jalen Ramsey
  • David Long Jr
  • Pete Davidson
  • Bukayo Saka
  • FaZe Swagg
  • FaZe Booya
  • FaZe Santana
  • FaZe Jsmooth
  • Gotaga
  • Squeezie

When you hop into Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer on October 28, don’t forget Activision’s message that the ultimate weapon is team. To never miss a word from your teammates, you can check out our guide to the best audio settings for Modern Warfare 2.

Image Credit: Activision

Original posted at news.google.com

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