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 January 7

by Carolina

If celebrities can dream it, nail artists can likely manicure it. Celebrity nail art often goes beyond traditional matte colorings, incorporating elements of sparkle, intricate artwork, and dazzling details that make for literal art. Even if your current contact list doesn’t include a nail artist on call, you can always take note for your own DIY attempt.

With celebrities swapping out their mani as often as they change hair colors, keeping up with the trendiest looks is no easy task. However, NYLON has you covered, with a continually updated collection of the best celebrity manicures of 2021. Stay tuned to see whether this year’s trending looks take a nod from last year’s love of Powerpuff Girls, clouds, and floral print.

Below, catch up on the best celebrity manicures of 2021.

Best Celebrity Manicures 2021: Addison Rae

Animal print is sticking around, as Addison Rae demonstrated with her cow-inspired mani.

Best Celebrity Manicures 2021: Hunter Schafer

This underwater look, completed by Soji Nails, came with a mix of colors, and tiny circles.

Best Celebrity Manicures 2021: Christina Aguilera

XTina turned to nail artist Chaun Legend for these custom Mario Kart press-on nails.

Best Celebrity Manicures 2021: Rowan Blanchard

Soji Nails shared this snap of Rowan Blanchard’s angel manicure. Along with some very ’90s-inspired butterflies, the manicure came with purple tips, and the word “angel.”

Best Celebrity Manicures 2021: Saweetie

Thanks to the addition of gold gemstones, Saweetie’s basic black nails received a dazzling upgrade.

Best Celebrity Manicures 2021: Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez started the New Year with a 2021-inspired manicure, which featured lots of sparkly polish, gemstones, and intricate line work.

Best Celebrity Manicures 2021: Lizzo

Although the bottom of Lizzo’s nails were adorned in a neutral color, her tips gave the appearance of an iridescent, silver sheen.

Best Celebrity Manicures 2021: Sydney Sweeney

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney chose a classic manicure, sporting white tips with a clear basecoat.

Original posted at www.nylon.com

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