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 July 10

by Carolina

Is football coming home? From Harry Redknapp to radio DJ Roman Kemp and former England player Teddy Sheringham, i has the scoop on which team the nation’s celebrities think has the best chance of taking home the trophy on Sunday.

Harry Redknapp

Former football manager

“I certainly think England will win. My prediction is 2-1 to us, with Harry Kane scoring our two goals. I’ll be watching at home with a cup of tea, and I can’t wait.”

Duncan Bannatyne


“I’m confident of victory, I think it’ll be 3-2 to England.”

Richard Madeley

TV presenter

“I have a sneaky feeling this one will go to the wide – both extra time and penalties. Kane will put his away no problem. It’ll be the same result as 66 – 4-2 to England.”

Katherine Ryan


“My main prediction is that Rob Beckett will absolutely miss the school run Monday morning. My husband is half Dutch, so ever since the Netherlands got knocked out, we’ve been mainly rooting for Italy to lose every match. I don’t know why but I follow the sentiment of the household. This comes in very handy in the final so of course I hope football is coming home. I have a feeling it will be 2-1 for England.”

Emma Kennedy

Screenwriter and author

“Let’s not pretend otherwise, in Italy we face mighty opponents but who would have it any other way? The tournament has been fantastic and although we enter as the underdogs, the home advantage, the crowd and a young team filled with determination might just mean we blow the bloody doors off and romp the win home. To wring every last emotion out of this blaster of a Euros, I’ll predict 2-2 after extra time and England win on penalties. If I can take it, so can you. Brave hearts, a barrel of belief and know the nation’s hearts are with you. COME ON ENGLAND!”

Joe Lycett


“Football is coming home on Sunday, and when it does I fully intend to drink 17 pints of Carling, take my shirt off and smash up a bus stop. For the lads.”

Teddy Sheringham

Former England player

“England to win 1-0, with Kane scoring.”

Former England star Teddy Sheringham thinks England will win 1-0 with the goal coming from Harry Kane (Photo by Tottenham Hotspur FC/Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images)

Richard Osman

Presenter and author

“Reaching the final is the real win. What a week we are having. The anticipation, the hope, the 3,000-word articles about why Jadon Sancho should start. The best two teams are in the final, and now we let the football gods decide. I’m very proud we’re being represented by such a decent manager and team. Now, the reason that Jadon Sancho should start is…”

Roman Kemp

Radio host and television presenter

“1-0 England, and for us to play the same team line-up that played against Germany.”

Joanna Scanlan


“Football is a romantic, highly emotional game. Each player’s characteristics become the drama on and off the pitch. Let the true grit of them together shine forth and the glory will be England’s. And glory all the sweeter after 55 years of penalty shoot-out purgatory. It will be indescribable, lachrymose messy heaven for many if we win. Let them defeat defeat itself. As Shakespeare says: ‘sound trumpets! Let our bloody colours wave! And either victory or else the grave!’ As a final thought: Mancini v Southgate. May the best suit win.”

Mary Portas

Brand and retail expert

“My heart’s telling me 2-1 to England. My brain, when stressing and feeling sick, says it’ll go to penalties. If it does, I’m not sure I’ll be able to take the tension!”

Alex Horne


“England will win, and they will win in style. There’ll be goals from [Jack] Grealish and Sterling and, of course, Kane. The main thing is both [Giorgio ] Chiellini and [Federico] Chiesa are going to be sent off in the first 10 minutes, and that’s going to make life a whole lot easier. England 5, Italy 0.”

Daisy Buchanan


“I predict 4-2 to England. [Raheem]Sterling leading the scoring, and loads of hugging at the end – with Gareth Southgate being first to embrace the Italians!”

Charlie Cooper


“My first major tournament experience was Euro 96 when I was seven. It left such a huge impact on me. I was inconsolable when Southgate missed that pen in the semis. I don’t think I’ve ever really recovered from that. But this tournament has made me feel seven again. Southgate is manager, the ultimate redemption. It’s poetic beyond words. England will win this on penalties. Harry Kane scoring the decisive one. And I’ll be shirtless diving into Trafalgar Square fountain.”

This Country star Charlie Cooper predicts an England win (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

John Simpson


“I’m too nervous (and maybe too superstitious) to be confident about this, but I would say 2-1 to England, the old firm of Kane and Sterling scoring, and Jorginho for Italy because he plays for Chelsea and I like him. And if I’m wrong and it goes to penalties, for the first time in 25 years I’ll feel England will definitely win.”

Kate Mosse


“Gareth Southgate, gentleman and commander, has a plan and the courage to stick to it; this glorious English team has a sense of spirit, of purpose, of responsibility, and they’re clearly playing as much for each other as for all of us spectators. Can they win on Sunday? Absolutely – but if they don’t, they’ll be gracious in defeat. And it’s that sportsmanship that’s helped rally the whole country behind them.”

Nick Robinson


“Not since the Olympics in London has sport done so much to lift the national mood and to show us the country as so many want it to be seen: positive, patriotic and proud. If …when we win that will give us something even more special: self belief. The score? 2 – 1 to England after extra time. My tournament hero is Luke Shaw, who just happens to play for Manchester United.”

Stephen Mulhern


“I’m not very knowledgeable on football, but I have the Euros so exciting. I’d love it to go to penalties but I think it’ll be 2-1 to England. That would be incredible.”

Alison McGovern

Shadow sports minister

“I think it’ll be 2-1 to England. Sterling is on fire and I back him to score again. Italy are also on form, so this isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but Southgate’s game management so far has been flawless.”

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