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 October 12

by Carolina

Ellen Pompeo is determined to use her “platform” to inspire others.

The 51-year-old actress, best known for playing Meredith Gray in the long-standing medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, has her own podcast series called “Teach me with Ellen Pompeo.” , She wants to get the most out of her Opportunity to inspire young women.

She explained: “In particular, I understand how powerful my voice can be for young women. I am very grateful to have gained enthusiastic fans for 18 seasons at the show. In my life At this point, “How do you want to use this platform? What can you do with it? How do you want to use it?”

Ellen interviewed many well-known guests for the show, including her former co-star Patrick Dempsey.

And the actress is keen to explore the motivations and inspirations of other famous stars.

She tells “Entertainment Tonight”: In several different ways.

“But I chose this as one of them and provided young women with positive conversations and ideas. Especially in show business and general life, there weren’t many mentors in my life. ..

“In order to navigate the life of an adult, I had to learn a lot of really difficult lessons, but I still learn lessons in a difficult way, but a young woman respects me very much and follows me. If so, social media can talk- “What if we could have a conversation that empowers women, helps women, and helps the general public?”

Ellen Pompeo wants to inspire young women | Celebrities

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