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 September 2

by Carolina

Ellen DeGeneres begins the final season of the talk show by interviewing Jennifer Aniston.

The “Finding Dory” star will end her long-standing daytime show in the coming months, with a lineup of season 19 stars (with viewers in a fully vaccinated studio). Led by the former. ”When the program started in 2003, a friend star who was the first guest of her companion.

In the first episode, Jimmy Kimmel will make his 20th appearance on the show, and other guests in the first week will be interviewed by Kim Kardashian West for the first time after the “Kardashian Family Trouble”. It is included. -Imagine the Dragons and Tiffany Haddish.

And that’s not all. Melissa McCarthy, Julianne Moore, Melissa Eseridge and Sean Combs will be one of the last stars to sit on Ellen’s famous sofa.

Throughout the final season, the 63-year-old presenter looks back at some of her most memorable star guests, checks in those who have appeared in human-interest stories for many years, and recalls the surprises of her legendary show.

Ellen announced in May that the show would end in 2022.

In a pre-recorded video from her show shared on her Twitter account, she told virtual viewers:

“So you have to know that the last 18 years have changed my life.

“You all changed my life.

“I am forever grateful to everyone who saw, laughed, danced, and sometimes cried.

“This show was the best experience of my life, and I owe it all to you.

“So thank you.”

Ellen, married to Portia de Rossi, pondered this decision “for a while”, but when she wrote an extension of three seasons two years ago, her 19th series would be her last. I also admitted that I knew.

She added: “I thought a lot about this decision, I sat with it for a while.

“I meditated on it, talked to Portia, and talked to myself.

“Two years ago, I signed for another three years, and I always knew in my heart that Season 19 would be my last.

“19 is very common. The 19th amendment gave women the right to vote, and I believe women should be allowed to vote.

“You may be wondering why I decided to end after 19 seasons, but the truth is that I always trust my instincts.

“My instinct told me it was time.

“I really felt that next season was the right time to finish this wonderful chapter.

“I promise to have a great final season.

“It’s the season I really want to say, thank you.

“Every day is a celebration.”

Season 19 of The Ellen DeGeneres Show begins on September 13.

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