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 June 26

by Carolina

It wasn’t until he became a father that Ed Sheeran’s “lifestyle changed completely”.

A 30-year-old singer and wife, Cherry Seaborn, welcomed their daughter, Laila Antarctica, to the world 10 months ago. Ed said that now that he is a father, he is a completely different person.

He explained: “My lifestyle has changed completely. Instead of going to bed at 6am, I wake up at 6am and wake up earlier, but … oh, she’s jet lag in LA, where I started exercising. It has become.

“I was doing everything in excess, like the actual excess. As I wanted … I went to a restaurant and it looks like:’Oh, I like its look. And like its appearance. And I just eat it all. “I liked to drink everything in front of me and everything else.

“And, like when Cherry was 6 months pregnant, I was just at this point, [her] Water can break at any time, I will stop the excess and become available, and I will be my husband as I should be. “

The “bad habit” hit maker also said he had “certain expectations” to become a father after people told him that it was the “best thing” that had ever happened to him. ..

And Ed couldn’t help but agree, as his overall outlook changed and now he has “eternal gratitude and respect” for his own parents.

“Everyone said,’This is the best thing that happens to you,’” he told Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1’s “New Music Daily.” And there are certain expectations for it. And the biggest thing I’ve removed from it … well, I think there are two things. The relationship with my parents used to be great, but now I know what they have experienced, as with this eternal gratitude and respect, and I still experience it. It’s like doing.

“Also, the other thing is that no one knows what they are doing. I see people, I say,” Oh my god, that guy is the best dad in the world. ” It seems like. But he started like me, knowing nothing. I am learning every day. So I think it’s amazing. “

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