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 October 12

by Carolina

Drake celebrated his son’s fourth birthday at a racing car-themed party.

The “God’s Plan” hit maker gives fans a glimpse of the celebration of a weekend performance for a small Adonis (mother Sophie Bruceau) on his Instagram account and shares two photos of Bash. bottom.

In the first photo, Drake and Adonis posed in front of a car-themed birthday display. The display contained a sign stating “Adonis will race to 4.”

He captioned the post: “[heart emoji] TEACHA [heart emoji] MORE LIFE KID “

In the second post, Drake laughed while hugging his son, a young man rushed into the camera like a superhero, and a 34-year-old star captioned the image with a running pictogram.

The “Hotline Bring” rapper also wore a giant Bugs Bunny character (wearing a LeBron James jersey like “Space Jam 2”) around the food court before giving the costumed creature a container. I shared a short video on Adonis’s Instagram story led by Fun of Popcorn.

Drake revealed in June 2018 that he had a son, and he previously admitted that it was “free” to be open about his little boy.

He said: “I posted those pictures. It was great for me. It was great to share it with the world, and I felt just like … it’s me. Wasn’t talking to anyone or what I planned. What if I woke up one morning? This is what I want to do. I want to go to a place with my son and share his memories with him. Because of my life choices, I have become a “celebrity” to keep everyone alive under this blanket. So I wanted to release myself from it. “

Drake Party for Sons | Celebrities

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