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 July 31

by Carolina

Dove Cameron’s life “feels a little richer” since she came out.

The “Descendants” star said he was bisexual in last year’s Instagram Live session and told Gay Times in May this year that he was most identified by the term “queer” for sexuality.

Now, Dub says he’s “shocked” by the positive reaction after coming out, and he doesn’t have to hide who he is, so it’s finally like living in “3D, not 2D.” I admitted to feel.

When she appeared in “The Talk,” she said: So I didn’t think it needed to come out that way, so when the Gay Times cover came out, it was very natural, but it was a bigger hit. I thought I knew the world, so I think it was a shock.

“It was a bit of an adjustment period, but it was really nice. People were very kind and very supportive. My life now feels a bit richer and more like 3D than 2D.”

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old actress recently claimed she had never been “confused” about her sexuality and was afraid that people would “disbelieve” her, so she only kept her sexuality on her own. was.

She explained: I felt unacceptable, and I had this strange story that people wouldn’t believe me.

“I hope it helps. That’s why I came out. It felt like something I could never talk about. The person who has the platform is human and doesn’t fall apart. I feel that the industry has changed a lot in that there is room to do it. I was really nervous to come out, but one day I dropped it because I was acting like a person on the go. I realized that it wasn’t. When you were yourself, you assumed that people would see it, and you said, “No, I have to go out, or people know. I don’t think so. “

Dove will be released when she releases the lyrics video for her song “We Belong” after being accused of “choir bait” for containing pictures of two women kissing. I was prompted.

And the “Powerpuff” actress chose to go to Instagram to let her fans know the real reason she included the animation scene.

She states: “Go to Instagram Live and say,” Everyone really needed to explain something to you. Maybe I didn’t say that, but I’m super weird. This is because I’m myself. I want to express it through music. “

Dove Cameron: My life feels a little richer since I left | Celebrities

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